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‘Hits a perfect balance’: MARGARET THATCHER QUEEN OF SOHO – Vault Festival

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The night before Parliament votes on Section 28, an amendment to the Local Government Act which prevents schools or similar local authorities from promoting homosexuality, Margaret Thatcher finds herself in a Soho nightclub. This is the fabulous premise to the now iconic drag cabaret: Margaret Thatcher Queen of Soho.

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#Vault2018 FEATURED SHOW: After Caravan Theatre, Robin Linde gets All Boxed Up with new black comedy

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After success with Caravan Theatre, now returned for a third year at VAULT, Robin Linde Productions presents All Boxed Up, Sammy Kissin’s seriously surreal black comedy running for six performances only at Waterloo East Theatre at the conclusion of this year’s festival. Learn more below – and then get booking!

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‘Brilliant challenges to misconception that comedy doesn’t translate’: SHOWTIME FROM THE FRONTLINE – Touring ★★★★★

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What happens when a comedian runs a comedy club in one of the most violently repressed areas of the world? Showtime from the Frontline sounds like it should be a recipe for disaster, yet Mark Thomas’ latest production proves to be one of the wittiest and most heartfelt shows to tour to the Traverse.

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‘A fun evening of education & whimsy’: MADONNA OR WHORE? – Vault Festival #Vault2018

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Singing along to Madonna whilst intermittently judging bad male figures in politics that are still making disgustingly misogynistic comments openly and without proper punishment given their jurisdiction, suggests Madonna Or Whore? could be the new Saturday night, Come-Shame-With-Me dinner party folly.