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INTERVIEW: Spotlight On… Cyrano de Bergerac’s Francesca Mills

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“The production of Cyrano is based on a man called Cyrano de Bergerac and he is a poet, a swordsman, a musician, everything you could possibly want but he’s got this massive nose which people perceive as ghastly so it knocks his confidence. He’s secretly in love with his cousin, Roxanne but they get on really well s friends and she’s the most beautiful girl in town so he thinks he stands no chance.”

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INTERVIEW: Spotlight On… GOLEM Theatre

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These are the people that scoff at Emma Rice, the ones that balk at such drastic notions as re-enacting Shakespeare in the modern day. Thankfully, GOLEM Theatre do not fall into such a category – their latest production, I Know You Of Old, bases itself initially on Much Ado About Nothing, albeit with a few changes to the plot, characterisation, time period and location.