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NEWS: Mates announce 2017 #AlsoRecognised Awards shortlists

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We’re delighted to announced the shortlists for the third annual Also Recognised Awards run by MyTheatreMates. These audience-voted industry accolades celebrate talent in fields often overlooked by other award bodies. Voting is now open for all categories and closes on Sunday 26th March 2017. Cast your vote on the site here. The Also Recognised Awards were launched online in 2015 by MyTheatreMates …

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NEWS: Winners announced in the 2016 #AlsoRecognised Awards

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Today’s the day! We’re delighted to announce the winners of the 2016 Also Recognised Awards. And, despite the fact that most of our categories are unique, it’s interesting to see that there are a few overlaps with another little awards, whose ceremony was held earlier this week… For more on this year’s awards, see also the full voting results, winners’ …

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Special AYULTP Podcast: Mark Shenton & Terri Paddock discuss #AlsoRecognised Awards nominations

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In addition to their regular discussion with bloggers on recent productions, this week the (still) As Yet Unnamed London Theatre Podcast (AYULTP) asked My Theatre Mates co-founders Mark Shenton and Terri Paddock to discuss the nominations for this year’s Also Recognised Awards. Speaking to AYULTP’s Tim Watson, Mark and Terri give more background to the Awards and talk through each …

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All the 2015 #AlsoRecognised Winners Announced!

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The full list of winners are announced today in the inaugural Also Recognised Awards, the new audience-voted, industry accolade set up by us My Theatre Mates co-founders Mark Shenton and Terri Paddock to celebrate lesser-known but equally worthy talent in fields overlooked by other awards bodies. Over a month’s voting, more than 15,000 people took part. How cool is that?! One of …

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First-ever Award for Best Musical Direction goes to…

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Readers of Daily Mail columnist Baz Bamigboye may have spotted that the Mates gave the brilliant Baz a sneak peek at one of our winners in our inaugural Also Recognised Awards. We’re so proud of introducing the UK’s first-ever Award for Best Musical Direction – along with our partners and passionate campaigners, musical director Mike Dixon and Andrew Keates – that we couldn’t keep it a secret any longer. So, without further …

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VIDEO: Mike Dixon on Musical Direction and Creative Team Parity

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A key part of the inaugural Also Recognised Awards is the introduction of the UK’s first-ever prize for Best Musical Direction. To launch this award, My Theatre Mates teamed up with musical director Mike Dixon and director Andrew Keates, who have been lobbying long and persuasively about the need for such an award and the importance of Creative Team Parity.

As part of our feature series designed to enlighten audiences on what musical direction is, Mark talked to Mike Dixon, one of the UK’s most experienced musical directors. In this in-depth interview, find out the answers to these and many other questions about the music in musicals:

  • What does a musical director and supervisor do?
  • Why have the Tony Awards stopped recognising Orchestration and Musical Direction?
  • How do you tell good versus bad musical direction?
  • How does your approach as a musical director change with different types of material?
  • Which is your favourite show you’ve worked on?
  • Why does the musical director stick around after the rest of the creative team have departed?
  • Does the musical director get involved in hiring the cast and orchestra?
  • Why shouldn’t live orchestras be replaced with recorded music?
  • What’s Symphonia? Why didn’t it work?
  • What are the challenges with amplification? Can you tell the difference?
  • Do musicians in the pit see the show they’re working on?
  • How do orchestra contracts differ from actors’ contracts?
  • What’s the job of the sound designer? How do they work with the musical director?
  • Where do you see the musical director in the theatrical hierarchy?
  • What’s the sitzprobe and why is it called that?
  • What’s it like performing in front of an audience for the first time?


Which show had the Best Musical Direction in 2014?

The Also Recognised Awards are the first UK theatre awards to give a prize for Musical Direction. The shortlists have been drawn up by the Mates, with Mike Dixon and Andrew Keates. Who will win? You're the judge. Voting closes at midnight on Sunday 19 April 2015.



Continuing our feature series educating audiences on the importance of musical directors, My Theatre Mates co-founder Mark Shenton interviews musical director and Also Recognised Awards partner Mike Dixon.