Voting is now closed in the 2017 #AlsoRecognised Awards and we’ll be announcing winners soon. Click here to read the full shortlists, announced on 23 February 2017.

General awards info

The Also Recognised Awards were launched in March 2015 by My Theatre Mates co-founders Terri Paddock and Mark Shenton. The inaugural Awards covered ten categories: six of those categories had been dropped by an established online awards body, one had been the subject of a highly persuasive lobbying campaign to establish creative parity for Musical Direction and three turned the spotlight on offstage design disciplines.

For the second annual awards, the Mates collective added a new category for Best Musical Cabaret. As the London Cabaret Awards were discontinued in 2016, we thought it important to tip our hats to the capital’s vibrant cabaret scene and the musical theatre artists who are making waves there.

So, as of March 2016, the 11 Also Recognised Awards categories are:

  • Best Musical Direction
  • Best Original Music
  • Best Ensemble Performance
  • Best Solo Performance
  • Best Musical Cabaret
  • London Newcomer of the Year
  • Best Shakespearean Production
  • Best Twitter Engagement
  • Best Show Poster
  • Best Show Trailer
  • Theatre Event of the Year

We believe all of these awards categories deserve to be recognised and celebrated. To read more about the Also Recognised Awards and why we founded them in the first place, click here.

Thank you to everyone who helps us to organise the Also Recognised Awards, including all our Mates, Andrew Keates and Mike Dixon, Tim Jarmain-Groves and the team at Chloe Nelkin Consulting.