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Debbie Gilpin
Debbie Gilpin stumbled into writing about theatre when she moved to London after studying for a degree in Human Genetics at Newcastle University. She started her website Mind the Blog in November 2014 and also tweets from @Mind_the_Blog. She spent the best part of 2014-16 inadvertently documenting Sunny Afternoon in the West End, and now also writes for BroadwayWorld UK. Debbie’s theatre passions are Shakespeare and new writing, but she’s also a sucker for shows with a tap routine.
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The latest from Debbie's site

Play by Candlelight 2021-22: preview 14th September 2021
Dorian: A Rock Musical 16th July 2021
#MindTheBard 2021: round-up 16th July 2021
This Wooden O: Romeo & Juliet (2021) 10th July 2021
#MindTheBard: Broken Heart (Romeo & Juliet) 9th July 2021
#MindTheBard: Pox (All’s Well That Ends Well) 8th July 2021
#MindTheBard: Blood (Macbeth) 7th July 2021
#MindTheBard: Leprosy (Henry VI, part 2) 6th July 2021
#MindTheBard: Madness (Hamlet) 5th July 2021
#MindTheBard: Boils (Coriolanus) 4th July 2021
#MindTheBard 2021: Diary 4th July 2021
#MindTheBard: Leech (Henry V) 3rd July 2021
Challenge Week 2021: Mind The Bard 3rd July 2021
Hamilton and Me: An Actor’s Journal 1st July 2021
Bad Nights and Odd Days 27th June 2021
Shedding A Skin 27th June 2021
Wish list: The Show Must Go Online 23rd April 2021
Romeo & Juliet (National Theatre 2021) 18th April 2021
Promising Young Woman 17th April 2021
The Temporal Society 4th April 2021
Remembering the Oscars 27th March 2021
Scaramouche Jones 26th March 2021
The Show Must Go Online: Groundlings’ Choice Awards 2021 20th March 2021
Interview with Invisible Cinema Russia 18th March 2021
The Picture of Dorian Gray 16th March 2021
Romeo & Juliet 2021 18th February 2021
Out of 2020 – Into 2021 29th January 2021
2020: A few of my favourite things 19th January 2021
Most popular posts of 2020 6th January 2021
Mind the Advent 2020 6th January 2021
A Christmas Carol (Polka Theatre) 21st December 2020
Magnetic North 20th December 2020
The Show Must Go Online: “It’s a real community that uplifts and supports each other” 18th November 2020
Little Wars 5th November 2020
Viper Squad 3rd November 2020
The Show Must Go Online: Measure for Measure 31st October 2020
The Show Must Go Online: Troilus and Cressida 30th October 2020
The Show Must Go Online: Twelfth Night 29th October 2020
Olivier Awards 2020 26th October 2020
Macbeth (Big Telly Theatre) 18th October 2020
#MindTheBand: round-up 18th October 2020
#MindTheBand: Day-by-Day 9th October 2020
#MindTheBand: Memorable gigs through time 8th October 2020
#MindTheBand: “Discovering The Classics” – Jagged Little Pill 7th October 2020
The Jaded Hearts Club – You’ve Always Been Here 6th October 2020
#MindTheBand: “Discovering The Classics” – Goodbye Yellow Brick Road 5th October 2020
#MindTheBand: “There is nothing like live music” 4th October 2020
#MindTheBand: “Discovering The Classics” – Lola Versus Powerman and The Moneygoround, Part One 3rd October 2020
Queen + Adam Lambert: Live Around The World 2nd October 2020
Challenge Week 2020: Mind The Band (What You Could’ve Won) 1st October 2020
#MindTheBard 2020: round-up 21st August 2020
#MindTheBard 2020: “What country, friends, is this?” – Twelfth Night preview 19th August 2020
#MindTheBard: Shakespeare & Somerset 16th August 2020
The Show Must Go Online: “Very proud of our 50/50 gender split and diverse casting” 14th August 2020
As You Like It (CtrlAltRepeat) 14th August 2020
The Show Must Go Online: Hamlet 14th August 2020
#MindTheBard: Diary 13th August 2020
#MindTheBard: “Who’s there?” – Hamlet preview 12th August 2020
The Show Must Go Online: As You Like It 11th August 2020
The Show Must Go Online: Julius Caesar 10th August 2020
Challenge Week 2020: Mind The Bard 26th July 2020
The Show Must Go Online: Henry V 26th July 2020
The Show Must Go Online: Much Ado About Nothing 26th July 2020
Invisible Music 25th July 2020
The Show Must Go Online: Henry IV, part two 25th July 2020
The Show Must Go Online: The Merry Wives of Windsor 22nd July 2020
The Show Must Go Online: Henry IV, part one 21st July 2020
Toast 19th July 2020
Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Symmetric Mailshot 17th July 2020
The Show Must Go Online: The Merchant of Venice 12th July 2020
Third Wheel: “It felt a bit like it should’ve always been a musical web series” 9th July 2020
Kaiser Chiefs: Not Playing The Hits 5th July 2020
Isolation Ensemble: “Your sense of connection to your fellow actors is still very much present” 4th July 2020
The Show Must Go Online: King John 4th July 2020
2020 mid-year update 3rd July 2020
Intermissions: The Summer Edition announced 30th June 2020
Road to nowhere 26th June 2020
The Show Must Go Online: A Midsummer Night’s Dream 17th June 2020
The Show Must Go Online: Romeo & Juliet 14th June 2020
Shakespeare’s Globe: “Parting is such sweet sorrow” 31st May 2020
The Show Must Go Online: Richard II 27th May 2020
The Show Must Go Online: Love’s Labour’s Lost 18th May 2020
Tim’s Twitter Listening Parties: Together Apart 17th May 2020
The Show Must Go Online: “Exactly what the world needs right now” 16th May 2020
The Show Must Go Online: The Comedy of Errors 13th May 2020
The Show Must Go Online: Richard III 3rd May 2020
Midsummer Night Stream 1st May 2020
The Show Must Go Online: “Every single week gets more inventive!” 30th April 2020
The Wind + The Wave: livestream 1 30th April 2020
The Show Must Go Online: Titus Andronicus 27th April 2020
The Show Must Go Online: “Imagine the heat Macbeth would get for killing Sir Patrick Stewart!” 23rd April 2020
Never Mind The Blog… Here’s Shakespeare Day 2020 22nd April 2020
The Show Must Go Online: Henry VI, part three 19th April 2020
Hurry up and wait… 16th April 2020
The Show Must Go Online: Henry VI, part two 13th April 2020
The Show Must Go Online: Henry VI, part one 5th April 2020
Wish list: National Theatre At Home 4th April 2020
The Show Must Go Online: The Taming of the Shrew 29th March 2020
Never Mind The Blog… Here’s World Theatre Day 2020 27th March 2020
Missed The Boat: Doctor Faustus (2011) 23rd March 2020
The Show Must Go Online: The Two Gentlemen of Verona 22nd March 2020
The Time Machine 20th March 2020
Nuclear War/Buried/Graceland 17th March 2020
The Brief Life & Mysterious Death of Boris III, King of Bulgaria: Part The First 14th March 2020
Bin Juice 14th March 2020
Can I Help You? 10th March 2020
V&V 9th March 2020
United Queendom 5th March 2020
The Script: Sunsets & Full Moons (O2 Arena) 4th March 2020
Olivier Awards 2020 – nominees 3rd March 2020
Macbeth (Lazarus Theatre) 29th February 2020
Elton John: It’s A Little Bit Funny 29th February 2020
Who Cares 22nd February 2020
Message In A Bottle 20th February 2020
Seth Lakeman: A Pilgrim’s Tale (Southwark Cathedral) 15th February 2020
Something Awful 31st January 2020
Globe 2020: “This wooden O” 22nd January 2020
#MindTheMusicals 2020: round-up 13th January 2020
Once 10th January 2020
Day 6: Missed The Boat: Billy Elliot 9th January 2020
Day 4: Missed The Boat: Stephen Ward 7th January 2020
Day 3: “All the men and women merely players” 6th January 2020
Fame the Musical 5th January 2020
#MindTheMusicals 2020: Diary 5th January 2020
Day 1: Musical choices for 2020 4th January 2020
Challenge week 2020: Mind The Musicals 2nd January 2020
Coming up in 2020… 2nd January 2020
Most popular posts of 2019 1st January 2020
End of 2019 report 31st December 2019
Favourite shows 2019 30th December 2019
Favourite films 2019 29th December 2019
Worst shows 2019 28th December 2019
Favourite female performances of 2019 24th December 2019
Favourite male performances of 2019 24th December 2019
Mind the Blog ‘on tour’ 2019 23rd December 2019
Arthur Miller 2019: a summary 22nd December 2019
Curtains 21st December 2019
The Red Shoes 21st December 2019
A Christmas Carol (European Arts Company) 16th December 2019
A Pissedmas Carol 6th December 2019
White Christmas 3rd December 2019
#MindTheBand (Queen): round-up 2nd December 2019
We Will Rock You 2nd December 2019
#MindTheBand (Queen): Never Boring 2nd December 2019
Day 5: Greatest Flix 28th November 2019
Day 4: “I Can Hear Music” – The Miracle 27th November 2019
Day 3: “I Can Hear Music” – The Works 26th November 2019
Day 2: “I Can Hear Music” – Sheer Heart Attack 25th November 2019
#MindTheBand (Queen): Diary 24th November 2019
& Juliet 22nd November 2019
What’s In A Name? 13th November 2019
Macbeth (The Shakespeare Project) 12th November 2019
Murder in the Cathedral 8th November 2019
Challenge Week 2019: Mind The Band (Queen) 27th October 2019
Play by Candlelight 2019/20: preview 22nd October 2019
Tuesday Newsday: 22 October 2019 22nd October 2019
The House of Yes 14th October 2019
143: Volume 2 (2019) 11th October 2019
Red Palace 6th October 2019
The Elixir of Love 3rd October 2019
Call Me Fury 27th September 2019
The Shakespeare Project’s Macbeth: “What choices does he make to cross that line?” 24th September 2019
A View From The Bridge: “A hugely contentious political issue” 20th September 2019
What Girls Are Made Of 18th September 2019
The Shakespeare Project’s Macbeth: casting announced 9th September 2019
Pretty Woman: West End run confirmed for Valentine’s Day 2020 9th September 2019
Never Mind The Blog… Here’s Autumn/Winter 2019 4th September 2019
Macbeth (Antic Disposition) 26th August 2019
EFF 2019: final thoughts 26th August 2019
EFF 2019: comedy picks 26th August 2019
Friendsical 22nd August 2019
Elton John: Rocket Man Live! 21st August 2019
Electrolyte 21st August 2019
Birth 21st August 2019
How to Mend the World (With a Student Play) 20th August 2019
Unfortunate: The Untold Story of Ursula the Sea Witch 20th August 2019
Parakeet 19th August 2019
HoneyBee 19th August 2019
Phoenix 18th August 2019
Big Bite-Size Breakfast Show 2019 15th August 2019
Crocodile Fever 15th August 2019
A Midsummer Night’s Droll 12th August 2019
The Red 11th August 2019
EFF 2019: preview 9th August 2019
On Your Feet! 8th August 2019
Private Lives (The Mill at Sonning) 1st August 2019
Before 30: “Writing a play is cheaper than therapy” 31st July 2019
#MindTheBard: round-up 27th July 2019
#MindTheBard: A Summer of Dreams 27th July 2019
#MindTheBard: Shakespeare’s Rose Theatre 21st July 2019
Day 7: Playing Shakespeare 15th July 2019
Day 6: Understanding Shakespeare 12th July 2019
Day 5: A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Bridge Theatre) 12th July 2019
Day 4: Othello: Remixed 11th July 2019
Day 3: A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre) 11th July 2019
Day 2: “By your leave, wax…” 10th July 2019
Day 1: “Frailty, thy name is woman” 8th July 2019
Dark Sublime 7th July 2019
Globe 2019: A Midsummer Night’s Dream 7th July 2019
GREY 5th July 2019
2019 mid-year update 3rd July 2019
Challenge Week 2019: Mind The Bard 23rd June 2019
Sirens 23rd June 2019
The Flies 23rd June 2019
Kill Climate Deniers 17th June 2019
Second Glances 12th June 2019
Rocketman 30th May 2019
Henry V (The Barn Theatre) 28th May 2019
All My Sons 28th May 2019
The Worst Little Warehouse in London 24th May 2019
Beats on Pointe 23rd May 2019
Salomé 21st May 2019
Summer Street 19th May 2019
Matilda the Musical 16th May 2019

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