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Elaine Chapman
Elaine Chapman an English graduate from Winchester University. By day a mother and business owner. By night an avid theatregoer enjoying the world of reviewing theatre and films from an audience perspective.
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The latest from Elaine's site

Dirty Dancing, The Movie in Concert. 20th May 2022
Chicago. 18th May 2022
Don Giovanni presented by Welsh National Opera. 17th May 2022
I Couldn’t Do Your Job by Charlotte Blakemore and Hannah Fayers. 8th May 2022
The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown. 28th April 2022
Eating Myself by Pepa Duarte. 20th April 2022
About 500 by Simona Hughes. 19th April 2022
Beautiful The Carole King Musical. 13th April 2022
The Children by Lucy Kirkwood. 10th April 2022
Blue Apple presents The Wizard of Oz. 8th April 2022
The Fever Syndrome by Alexis Zegerman. 6th April 2022
The Rise and Fall of Little Voice by Jim Cartwright. 25th March 2022
The Red by Marcus Brigstocke. 20th March 2022
God of Carnage by Yasmina Reza. 28th February 2022
Same Time, Next Year by Bernard Slade. 3rd February 2022
Alan Bennett’s Habeas Corpus directed by Patrick Marber. 15th December 2021
Aladdin at Theatre Royal Winchester. 9th December 2021
Jack and the Beanstalk at Kings Theatre Portsmouth. 29th November 2021
Cat On a Hot Tin Roof by Tennessee Williams. 29th October 2021
Birdwatching by Anarchy Productions. 26th October 2021
The Mill at Sonning presents Top Hat. 23rd October 2021
Chop Me Up or Let Me Go by Leslie Ann Albiston. 21st October 2021
The Lemon Table by Julian Barnes. 17th October 2021
The Legend of Sleepy Hollow by Washington Irving. 14th October 2021
The Play that Goes Wrong at Kings Theatre Portsmouth. 13th October 2021
The Ballad of Maria Marten by Beth Flintoff. 7th October 2021
Kitty Rats written and performed by Luke Bateman and Elliot Williams. 6th October 2021
A Dog’s Solution written by Dr Who star Richard Kimber Franklin. 29th September 2021
Lost Souls by Jayne Woodhouse. 26th September 2021
September in the Rain by John Godber. 18th September 2021
Interview with Ian Kelsey and Nicola Sloane about their upcoming performances in “September in the Rain”. 13th September 2021
The Memory of Water by Shelagh Stephenson. 10th September 2021
Ay Up, Hitler! Presented by Gamma Ray Theatre. 10th September 2021
Waitress at New Wimbledon Theatre. 8th September 2021
GAYATRI The Royal Queen Consort of the Majapahit Kingdog. 4th September 2021
Intricate Rituals by Seth Douglas. 28th August 2021
Skank created by Clementine Bogg-Hargroves. 28th August 2021
Doctor Whom by Jake Rose and Jasper Cresdee-Hyde. 28th August 2021
Myra’s Story by Brian Foster. 27th August 2021
It All performed by Cameron Cook. 26th August 2021
Madhouse by M Craig 26th August 2021
Love Fool by Rachel Thorn. 26th August 2021
Dino Land presented by Faux Fox Theatre. 25th August 2021
Rosetti’s Women by Joan Greening. 25th August 2021
1902 by Nathan Scott-Dunn. 19th August 2021
Moonlight on Leith. 19th August 2021
Afterparty by Rachel O’Regan. 19th August 2021
Tropicana by Aidan Sadler. 15th August 2021
Radio 69 by The Counterminers. 15th August 2021
HYENAS by Olivia Nicholson. 14th August 2021
Corpsing by Callum Ferguson and Lewis Lauder. 13th August 2021
Looks Like We Made It. 13th August 2021
Kevin Quantum: The Trick That Fooled. 13th August 2021
I am not Victoria Wood. 13th August 2021
ellipsis by Isabelle Farah 11th August 2021
Fear of Roses was written and directed by Nathaniel Brimmer-Beller. 11th August 2021
Mediocre White Male written by Will Close and Joe von Malachowski. 11th August 2021
Improverts. Bedlam Theatre. 10th August 2021
Shook by Samuel Bailey. 10th August 2021
Eric Davidson-Thunderjab 3. 10th August 2021
Plasters by Emma Tadmoor. 10th August 2021
Wonderville, Mgic and Illusion. 3rd August 2021
Head/Lining written and performed by Charlie Heptinstall. 29th July 2021
Quentin Crisp:Naked Hope. 24th July 2021
Tethered by Chewboy Productions. 22nd July 2021
Big Boys by Tom Foreman. 7th July 2021
Voices From Home by Broken Silence Theatre. 23rd June 2021
Blackbox Theatre presents Blithe Spirit. 20th June 2021
The Great Gatsby. 16th June 2021
Doody by Aaron and Caitlin. 16th June 2021
Hematoma directed by Grace Millie. 11th June 2021
Alyssa Memoirs of a Queen! 9th June 2021
The Tragedy of Dorian Gray by Blue Devil. 8th June 2021
Take Off Your Cornflakes. 5th June 2021
Gilbert and Sullivan’s Improbable New Musical. 1st June 2021
Charlotte Bronte Snares the Suitor 31st May 2021
Public Domain. 28th May 2021
I and the Village by Darren Donohue. 27th May 2021
Here come the Boys. 27th May 2021
AAAAA [FIVE A] 21st May 2021
Obscenities by Will Nash and 12th May 2021
From me to us? 12th May 2021
A Blue Something by Two Flats Theatre 31st March 2021
Metamorphosis based on the novella by Franz Kafka. 26th March 2021
Threedumb Theatre present The Black Cat by Edgar Allan Poe. 24th March 2021
The Sorcerer’s Apprentice 27th February 2021
Love Roulette by Production Line 14th February 2021
Strangers by Nick Card. 20th January 2021
Walk of Shame by Glass Half Full Theatre. 11th January 2021
Dick Whittington The Pompey Panto. 11th December 2020
Potted Panto at The Garrick Theatre. 6th December 2020
In the Absence of Silence by The Chickenshed (online performance) 16th November 2020
The Man by Beige Company Productions. 16th November 2020
Close your eyes, I’m filming by Douglas Murdoch. 19th October 2020
Globaleyes by Chickenshed. 4th October 2020
The Boss of it All starring Josie Lawrence 20th September 2020
Until the Ad Break by Maverick Charles Productions. 23rd August 2020
After The Turn:The Mystery of Bly Manor by Nine Knocks Theatre. 17th August 2020
Stranded by Marcia Kelson. 17th August 2020
No Logo by Andy Mosley. 17th August 2020
The Space: Selection of Theatre Productions. 10th August 2020
Lost Souls by Loosely Based Theatre. 25th July 2020
Within by Threedumb Theatre. 2nd July 2020
What does the Five Stage Reopening Phase mean for Fringe/Pub Theatre’s? 30th June 2020
The White Hart by Judy Upton. 27th June 2020
The Delight of Dogs and the Problems of People by Rosalind Blessed. 29th May 2020
Baaba’s Footprints by Susan Hingley. 26th May 2020
The Tell-Tale Heart by Edgar Allan Poe. 24th May 2020
Key Change by Open Clasp Theatre. 22nd May 2020
A Separate Peace by Tom Stoppard. 3rd May 2020
Drawing the Line by Howard Brenton. 18th April 2020
The Dock Brief 28th March 2020
Am I Happy Yet? By Jack Hesketh 4th March 2020
This Queer House by Opia Collective. 3rd March 2020
Don’t talk to Strangers 2nd March 2020
Feel More 28th February 2020
Upstart Crow by Ben Elton. 19th February 2020
Mamma Mia at the Mayflower 14th February 2020
Songs of Innocence by Louis Gale. 11th February 2020
AM I HAPPY YET? by Jack Hesketh 11th February 2020
Darling it’s not about you by Julia Thurston and Sof Puchley. 10th February 2020
My Fern Flower by Jonah York. 10th February 2020
Noodles for Breakfast by Yvonne Maxwell. 10th February 2020
Autoreverse at Battersea Arts Centre. 6th February 2020
Band of Gold by Kay Mellor. 5th February 2020
Cirque du Soleil presents Luzia. 5th February 2020
The Legend of the Holy Drinker by Hunch Theatre. 3rd February 2020
First Time 2nd February 2020
Swan Lake performed by Royal Ballet Sinfonia. 30th January 2020
Cops by Tony Tortora 22nd January 2020
The Wild Flesh by Wildly Theatre. 17th January 2020
Priscilla Queen of the Desert The Musical at The Mayflower Southampton. 15th January 2020
The Railway Children 11th January 2020
Deleted by Stephan Pierre-Mitchell 4th January 2020
Soho Cinders directed by Will Keith. 27th December 2019
Snow White devised by Chickenshed. 24th December 2019
The Wolf, The Duck and The Mouse adapted by Jack McNamara. 22nd December 2019
The Rockin’ Panto CINDERELLA by Peter Rowe. 22nd December 2019
Peter Pan at The Mayflower Southampton 19th December 2019
Blue Apple Theatre company rehearsals for The Railway Children. 17th December 2019
Aladdin at Kings Theatre Southsea. 12th December 2019
Thriller Live with guest Peter Andre. 11th December 2019
F**k Freud by Lucio Veronesi. 9th December 2019
The Fairytale Revolution:Wendy’s Awfully Big Adventure by Louise Beresford and Anna Spearpoint. 9th December 2019
Oi Frog and Friends based on the books by Kes Gray. 9th December 2019
The Exceptional case of Whizz and Drex by Fred Kelly. 8th December 2019
A Christmas Carol at Scrooge’s parlour Immersive Theatre. 4th December 2019
Rules for Living by Sam Holcroft. 2nd December 2019
The Cunning Little Vixen by leoš Janáček. 29th November 2019
Bench at the Edge by Luigi Jannuzzi 27th November 2019
La Clique live in Leicester Square. 26th November 2019
Diamonds are for Trevor by Cheriton Players 23rd November 2019
Fiji by Clay Party/Conflicted Theatre. 21st November 2019
Be Good by James Lawes. 21st November 2019
Interview with Jayne Woodhouse. 20th November 2019
The Last Mermaid directed by Sophie Kelly 19th November 2019
Nation your nation by Frederick Kelly 17th November 2019
Dinner with Mum by Daniel Harding. 15th November 2019
Under the Radar by Jonathon Crewe. 14th November 2019
I Grew a Statue directed by Aaron Arens. 14th November 2019
Committed directed by Lee Gilat. 14th November 2019
Stalker directed by Christopher Andrews. 14th November 2019
I’m Listening directed by Katja Korhonen. 13th November 2019
Sparrow directed by Welby Ings. 13th November 2019
The 39 Steps by John Buchan and adapted by Chris Hawley. 9th November 2019
Great Gatsby by 8th November 2019
Soho Cinders by Stiles and Drewe. 6th November 2019
Sherlock Holmes in A Scandal in Bohemia by Francesca De Sica. 4th November 2019
Blithe Spirit by Noel Coward. 3rd November 2019
4 Stages by Old Skool Collective Present. 25th October 2019
Ages of the Moon by Sam Shephard. 24th October 2019
Some Like It Hip Hop by Zoonation 16th October 2019
The Signalman by Charles Dickens. 13th October 2019
Smashing it by Ms Helen Sulis-Bowie. 13th October 2019
Gutted by Sharon Byrne. 12th October 2019
The Good Scout by Glenn Chandler. 11th October 2019
Classified by Jayne Woodhouse. 6th October 2019
Red Palace by Cressida Peever. 3rd October 2019
Love, Sex and all things inbetween by YT2 Theatre Company. 2nd October 2019
When the Rain Stops Falling by Andrew Bovell. 29th September 2019
Old Stock: A Refugee Love Story 22nd September 2019
The Silhouette in the Smoke 14th September 2019
At Last by James Lewis and Alexander Knott 13th September 2019
Kinky Boots in The Mayflower Southampton. 5th September 2019
Living the Dream by John Warrington. 3rd September 2019
Slice of Eel Pie by Lesley Ann Albiston 25th August 2019
Space Age Love Songs written by T L Wiswell. 25th August 2019
No Limits-A Song Cycle by Sam Thomas. 25th August 2019
Puttana by Oskar Hartman 25th August 2019
Mallets by Rex Fisher. 21st August 2019
The Rebirth of Meadow Rain written and performed by Hannah Moss. 21st August 2019
The Trial by Franko Figuierdo. 21st August 2019
Little Wings by Pace Rep Company. 21st August 2019
2ELFth Night by Keane and Doyle. 21st August 2019
Avalanche by Pace Rep Company 21st August 2019
The Cat’s the Thing by Marissa Landy. 20th August 2019
Dark Play or stories for boys by Carlos Murillo. 20th August 2019
The Long Road 20th August 2019
The Dandelion Patch devised by the Company and Alan Cameron. 20th August 2019
11+ presented by Rosy Beard Company. 20th August 2019
Naughty Boy by Eddy Brimson. 19th August 2019
Mandy Muden:Is Not the Invisible Woman. 17th August 2019
Buzzing by Debbie Bird 17th August 2019
How to Mend the World (with a student play) by Drunken Brainstorm. 16th August 2019
The Heresy Machine by Dmitri Barcomi and Seth Majnoon. 16th August 2019
Teach by 16th August 2019
Mason King- Sleight of Mind. 16th August 2019
Letter to Boddah by Watershed Productions. 16th August 2019
The House of Influenza:A Spooky Tale of Freighteningness by Andrew Shires. 15th August 2019
HERSTORY by The Polly Clamorous Collective. 15th August 2019
The People’s Boat by Moaning Toad Productions Ltd. 14th August 2019
Rock ‘n’ Roll Girls by Queen Mary Theatre Company. 14th August 2019
At This Stage by Queen Mary Theatre Company. 14th August 2019
The Words are There by Ronan Dempsey. 14th August 2019
The Art of Skipping by Eleanor Griffiths and Megan Hughes. 14th August 2019
The Very Well-Fed Caterpillar by Red Biscuit Theatre. 13th August 2019
The Boxer by James McNicholas. 12th August 2019
Gobby by Jodie Irvine 12th August 2019
Birth by Theatre RE. 12th August 2019
Drowning by Jessica Ross. 12th August 2019
Car Park by Huge Davies 12th August 2019
Love/Sick by Hyacinth Theatre. 11th August 2019
Shakespeare! The Panto by Bristol Panto Society. 11th August 2019
STYX by Max Barton. 11th August 2019
Fisherman’s Tail by 4front Theatre. 10th August 2019
Lady bones by Sorcha McCaffrey. 10th August 2019
Venice 2019 5th August 2019
Interview with Debbie Bird. 4th August 2019
Kemp’s Jig by Chris Harris. 28th July 2019
My journey so far… 28th July 2019
Space Junk A Soviet Musical presented by Slipshod Productions. 27th July 2019
Club Tropicana 23rd July 2019
How to Save a Life by Stephanie Silver. 22nd July 2019
The Falcon’s Malteser presented by New Old Friends and James Seabright. 20th July 2019
Interview with Danyah Miller. 16th July 2019
Blue Apple Performance. Saturday 6th July 2019. 7th July 2019
Interview with Oliver Bennett and Vladimir Shcherban. 2nd July 2019
Parenthood. 24th June 2019
The Luncheon by Kacy Monney and Luis Amália 16th June 2019
Hedgehog by Alexander Knott 15th June 2019
The Tempest by William Shakespeare a Blue Apple Production. 14th June 2019
Pictures of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde. Adapted by Lucy Shaw. 13th June 2019
River in the Sky by Peter Taylor. 30th May 2019
Mama G’s Story Time Roadshow by Robert Pearce. 25th May 2019
Return to Hackney by Panayiota Panteli. 24th May 2019
Dream of a King by Christopher Tajah 22nd May 2019
Testament by Sam Edmunds. 17th May 2019
Feast of the East presented by Ink from Pen to Performance. 13th May 2019

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