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Katharine Kavanagh
Katharine is a circus writer based in the Midlands, a handy travel hub for getting out and about to new and smaller-scale work. From a background as a performer, theatre-maker and circus volunteer, Katharine took part in the EU-funded 'Unpack the Arts' circus residency, set up The Circus Diaries website, and now dedicates herself to sharing the intricacies of circus art with the world. She says: "Circus is an area of performing arts where few people have the vocabulary and understanding to write balanced critical appraisal. This tends to result in wishy-washy 'reviews' that all sound the same and say very little about the relative quality of the show. "As the circus arts grow in popularity and engagement across the UK, it's important for critical voices to reflect this to increasingly discerning audiences. That's where I come in."
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The latest from Katharine's site

UK Covid Crisis Summary of EU Circus Report 19th May 2020
‘Lola’, by Lumo Company 31st March 2020
Circus Survey! 1st March 2020
‘Zebra’, by Wes Peden 10th February 2020
‘Coulrophobia’, by Opposable Thumb 10th February 2020
‘Only Bones’, V1.4 by Trygve Wakenshaw, and V1.0 by Thom Monckton 10th February 2020
‘Anima’, by Joli Vyann 10th February 2020
‘Chimpanzee’, by Nick Lehane 10th February 2020
‘Raven’, by Still Hungry 28th January 2020
‘Lexicon’, by NoFit State 23rd January 2020
‘Circus 1903’, by The Works Entertainment and Fiery Angel Entertainment 30th December 2019
‘Nosedive’, by SUPERFAN 22nd November 2019
‘Santuaire Sauvage’, by Collectif Rafale 20th November 2019
‘Lighthouse’, by Hazel Lam 12th November 2019
‘Contra’, by Laura Murphy 4th November 2019
‘À Nos Fantômes’, by Cie Menteuses 29th October 2019
A Visit to Derby Festé 4th October 2019
‘The Escape Act’, by Petit Mort Productions and Dreamcoat Experience 2nd October 2019
‘Contemporary Circus’, by Katie Lavers, Louis Patrick Leroux and Jon Burtt 30th September 2019
‘The Big Bagaga Show’, by Company-Ish 26th September 2019
Circus Sonas at Edinburgh Fringe 7th September 2019
‘Staged’, by Circumference 5th September 2019
‘Kid_X’, by Bassline Circus and MHz 1st September 2019
‘The Storm’, by James Wilton Dance 30th August 2019
‘Bromance’, by Barely Methodical Troupe 30th August 2019
‘This Time’, by Ockham’s Razor 29th August 2019
‘My Land’, by Recirquel 26th August 2019
‘The Black Blues Brothers’, by Circo e dintorni 26th August 2019
‘Le Coup’, by Company 2 26th August 2019
Urban sports circus at Edinburgh Fringe 2019 24th August 2019
‘YUCK Circus’, by Yuck Circus 24th August 2019
‘Nights At The Circus’, by Spare Tyre 23rd August 2019

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