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Michael Davis
Michael Davis is a former actor and director. He’s passionate about fringe theatre and publicising shows that don’t necessarily receive mainstream attention. He’s previously reviewed for Female Arts and The Play’s the Thing and now runs his own site, Breaking the Fourth Wall. Michael is interested and knowledgeable about all aspects of the arts. He tweets @Michael30517721.
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The latest from Michael's site

Can’t See For Looking, Cockpit Theatre – Review 4th November 2023
Sabbath: a Tragedy of Witches, OSO Arts Centre – Review 3rd November 2023
Green & Blue, Midlands Arts Centre – Review 28th October 2023
Head Set, Midlands Arts Centre – Review 8th October 2023
Sacred Bath, Etcetera Theatre – Review 24th September 2023
From Belfast Girls to Buffalo Girls 12th September 2023
Birthright, Finborough Theatre – Review 12th September 2023
The Spark Project + The Infinity Quest, Etcetera Theatre – Review 10th September 2023
Rita McGrinder Is Still Here, Omnibus Theatre – Review 4th September 2023
Makeshifts and Realities, Finborough Theatre – Review 23rd August 2023
The Garden of Words, Park Theatre – Review 20th August 2023
Philautia, The Cockpit Theatre, Camden Fringe Festival – Review 13th August 2023
This Girl: The Cynthia Lennon Story, Upstairs at the Gatehouse, Camden Fringe Festival – Review 6th August 2023
The Wind and the Rain, Finborough Theatre – Review 24th July 2023
Cuckoo, Royal Court Theatre – Review 15th July 2023
Frank Exchanges – Book Review 7th July 2023
Dal Segno, Theatre at the Tabard – Review 2nd July 2023
Dedication, Marylebone Theatre – Review 23rd June 2023
The Play With Speeches, Upstairs at the Gatehouse – Review 15th June 2023
A Critical Stage, Theatre at the Tabard – Review 9th June 2023
A Brief List Of Everyone Who Died, Finborough Theatre – Review 30th May 2023
Tonight Will Be A Memory Too, Playground Theatre – Review 29th May 2023
Permanent Marker, Bread & Roses Theatre – Review 28th May 2023
Leaves of Glass, Park Theatre – Review 21st May 2023
The Brink, White Bear Theatre – Review 8th May 2023
The Retreat, Finborough Theatre – Review 30th April 2023
Fragments, Playground Theatre – Review 30th April 2023
Drive Your Plow Over The Bones Of The Dead, Belgrade Theatre – Review 26th April 2023
Tomorrow May Be My Last, Old Red Lion Theatre – Review 21st April 2023
The Big O, Belgrade Theatre – Review 10th April 2023
Surfacing, Vault Festival/Digital Theatre – Review 25th March 2023
Lately, Old Joint Stock Theatre – Review 19th March 2023
Age is a Feeling, Soho Theatre – Review 11th March 2023
Four Poems From Ukraine, Finborough Theatre, Online Project – Review 1st March 2023
The Silence and the Noise, Vault Festival (Digital Theatre) – Review 23rd February 2023
A Taste of Honey, Crescent Theatre – Review 23rd February 2023
Girl from the North Country, Alexandra Theatre – Review 12th February 2023
Edith, The Lowry – Livestream Broadcast – Review 5th February 2023
Grey Man, Digital Theatre – Review 7th December 2022
Sherlock Holmes: The Valley of Fear, Livestream Broadcast – Review 6th November 2022
Des Fleurs, The Space, Livestream Broadcast – Review 30th October 2022
Prisms, The Space, Livestream Broadcast – Review 23rd October 2022
Unknown: A Play About Homelessness, Old Joint Stock Theatre – Review 16th October 2022
Guinea Pigs, The Space, Livestream Broadcast – Review 12th October 2022
Cookie Jar, The Space, Livestream Broadcast – Review 7th October 2022
The Quality of Mercy, Courtyard Theatre – Review 4th October 2022
Leave Taking, Tower Theatre – Review 2nd October 2022
Distinguished Villa, Finborough Theatre – Review 19th September 2022
Post-Sex Spagbol, The Space, Livestream Broadcast – Review 11th September 2022
Doctor Faustus, Southwark Playhouse – Review 10th September 2022
Ghosts Aren’t Real, Etcetera Theatre – Review 8th September 2022
Siblings, The Space – Livestreamed Broadcast 14th August 2022
Elizabeth Taylor’s Kiss And Other Brushes With Hollywood – Book Review 8th August 2022
One Kiss, Belgrade Theatre – Review 8th July 2022
Webcamming Chronicles (2022), Cockpit Theatre – Review 9th June 2022
The Collab, The Space – Livestreamed Broadcast 6th June 2022
Fragments, Audio Theatre – Brighton Fringe Festival 21st May 2022
Banter Jar, Lion and Unicorn Theatre – Review 13th May 2022
The Straw Chair, Finborough Theatre – Review 10th May 2022
Tenderfoot, Drayton Arms Theatre – Review 28th April 2022
seven methods of killing kylie jenner, Online Broadcast – Review 10th April 2022
Old Friends, Livestreamed Performance – Review 2nd April 2022
The Women of Troy, Crescent Theatre – Review 22nd March 2022
Triffids!, Midlands Arts Centre – Review 18th March 2022
Kerbs, Belgrade Theatre – Review 5th March 2022
Truth To Power Café, (Streamed Broadcast) – Review 28th February 2022
Saving Britney, Old Joint Stock Theatre – Review 17th January 2022
La Lucha, Short Film Online – Review 5th December 2021
The Good Enough Mums Club, Birmingham Hippodrome – Review 21st November 2021
Value Engineering, Birmingham Repertory Theatre – Review 19th November 2021
Persephone, Oxford Playhouse – Review 17th November 2021
Blind, London Horror Festival, Audio Drama – Review 20th October 2021
NOT: Lady Chatterley’s Lover, The Core Theatre – Review 1st October 2021
The Glad Game (Digital Edition) – Review 27th September 2021
Love Beyond The Zoo, Audio Drama – Review 12th September 2021
Pauline, Pleasance Theatre – Review 24th August 2021
Colour, Edinburgh Festival Fringe (Online) – Review 10th August 2021
Lear Alone, Web Series – Review 10th August 2021
Giles Terera – Hamilton and Me: An Actor’s Journal (Book Review) 13th July 2021
Everything Is Absolutely Fine, Live Online Performance 16th May 2021
Obscenities, Online Series – Review 12th April 2021
It’s Been A Year – Online Spoken Word Piece 17th March 2021
Puffins/Time Lapse/Red Tide – Southwark Playhouse – Audio Plays 16th March 2021
Melancholy/They Also Serve/How To Kill Your Mother – Southwark Playhouse – Audio Plays 16th March 2021
Illusions of Liberty, Applecart Arts, (Streaming Digital Theatre) – Review 16th February 2021
(Fire) Embers (Ash), Audio Play – Review 14th February 2021
Heads Or Tails, Living Record Festival (Streamed Broadcast) – Review 13th February 2021
Breaking Up With Reality, Audio Play, Living Record Festival – Review 13th February 2021
Good Grief (Streaming Digital Theatre) – Review 13th February 2021
Depths/If You Cry We Will Kill You/Read To Me (Audio Plays), The Living Record Festival – Review 7th February 2021
S-27, Finborough Theatre (Online Broadcast) – Review 6th December 2020
Where The Socks Go, Hope Theatre (Online Broadcast) 6th December 2020
Death of England: Delroy, National Theatre (Online Broadcast) 5th December 2020
All Of Me, China Plate Theatre, Online Audio Show 3rd December 2020
Trojana: Webcamming Chronicles – Expanded Digital Documentary 3rd December 2020
Caperucita, The Actor’s Centre (Work-In-Progress, Online) 22nd November 2020
The Absence of Silence, Chickenshed Theatre (Online) 3rd November 2020
Last Day, People Show, Short Film (Online) 16th October 2020
Macbeth, Big Telly Theatre (Streamed Broadcast) – Review 16th October 2020
Love Screens, (Streamed Broadcast) – Review 15th September 2020
The Lads, Comedy Web Series – Review 5th September 2020
The Other Tchaikovsky, BBC Radio 4 play – Review 30th August 2020
Papercut Goes Zoom! (Streamed Broadcast) 1st August 2020
Don’t Stop Thinking About Tomorrow, Chickenshed Theatre (Streamed Broadcast) 28th July 2020
Mood Music, The Old Vic (Streamed Broadcast) – Review 13th July 2020
The Deep Blue Sea, National Theatre (Streamed Broadcast) – Review 12th July 2020
Snatched, Alchemist Theatre Co. (Streamed Broadcast) 4th July 2020
The Merciless Mission of Molly McCloy, Time Productions (Streamed Broadcast) 29th June 2020
White, Brixton House (Streamed Broadcast) 27th June 2020
Blue Beneath My Skin, Alchemist Theatre Co. (Streamed Broadcast) 27th June 2020
The Coconut Series, Alchemist Theatre Co. (Streamed Broadcast) 27th June 2020
Jane Clegg, Finborough Theatre – Review (Streamed Broadcast) 10th June 2020
Reasons To Be Cheerful, Belgrade Theatre / Theatre Royal Stratford – Streamed Broadcast 6th June 2020
This House, National Theatre (Streamed Broadcast) – Review 3rd June 2020
Amsterdam, Orange Tree Theatre – (Streamed Broadcast) 25th May 2020
Orbits: Online Fringe Festival 21st May 2020
Lockdown Showcase, Glass Half Full Theatre (Streamed Broadcast) 11th May 2020
It Is Easy To Be Dead, Finborough Theatre (Streamed Broadcast) 10th May 2020
Love (and Loss) in the Time of Corona, Sherman Theatre – (Streamed Broadcast) 10th May 2020
A Separate Peace, ‘The Remote Read’ – Review (Streamed Broadcast) 3rd May 2020
Online Fringe Festival: By the Light of the Moon 28th April 2020
It’s True, It’s True, It’s True – Review (Streamed Broadcast) 23rd April 2020
Drawing The Line, Hampstead Theatre – Review (Streamed Broadcast) 18th April 2020
Wonderland, Hampstead Theatre – Review (Streamed Broadcast) 14th April 2020
Online Fringe Festival: The Two of Us; Testament of Yootha; Baaba’s Footsteps 11th April 2020
The Cutting Edge, Arcola Theatre – Review 1st March 2020
Syndrome, Tristan Bates Theatre – Review 22nd February 2020
The Dog Walker, Jermyn Street Theatre – Review 21st February 2020
The Incident Room, New Diorama Theatre – Review 20th February 2020
Flights, Omnibus Theatre – Review 16th February 2020
On McQuillan’s Hill, Finborough Theatre – Review 10th February 2020
Persona, Riverside Studios – Review 4th February 2020
You Stupid Darkness! Southwark Playhouse – Review 27th January 2020
Lullabies For The Lost, Old Red Lion Theatre – Review 15th January 2020
Scrounger, Finborough Theatre – Review 13th January 2020
Blood Orange, Old Red Lion Theatre – Review 16th December 2019
The Invisible Man, Brockley Jack Studio Theatre – Review 15th December 2019
A Bench At The Edge, Tristan Bates Theatre – Review 5th December 2019
The Wind of Heaven, Finborough Theatre – Review 5th December 2019
You Game, RADA Studios – Review 4th December 2019
e-baby, Brockley Jack Studio Theatre – Review 25th November 2019
Uncle Vanya, New Wimbledon Studio – Review 21st November 2019
The House of the Spirits, Cervantes Theatre – Review 11th November 2019
The Match Box, Omnibus Theatre – Review 4th November 2019
Germ-Free Adolescent, The Bunker – Review 4th November 2019
Gaslight, Playground Theatre – Review 29th October 2019
Irish Coffee, Calder Bookshop & Theatre –Review 29th October 2019
The Girl Who Fell, Trafalgar Studios – Review 22nd October 2019
Femme Fatale, Omnibus Theatre – Review 20th October 2019
The House of Yes, Hope Theatre – Review 16th October 2019
Up Pompeii: An Audio Revival, Shaw Theatre – Review 16th October 2019
We Anchor In Hope, The Bunker – Review 9th October 2019
When The Rain Stops Falling, Lion and Unicorn Theatre – Review 29th September 2019
The Exorcist, New Wimbledon Theatre – Review 26th September 2019
Danelaw, Old Red Lion Theatre – Review 26th September 2019
Call Me Fury, Hope Theatre – Review 22nd September 2019
The Eyes Of The Night, Cervantes Theatre – Review 15th September 2019
Anahera, Finborough Theatre – Review 11th September 2019
Jade City, Bunker Theatre – Review 8th September 2019
Vivaldi Meets Werther: Four Seasons, Bridewell Theatre – Review 1st September 2019
Skin In The Game, Old Red Lion Theatre – Review 26th August 2019
River In The Sky, Hope Theatre – Review 18th August 2019
Go Bang Your Tambourine, Finborough Theatre – Review 14th August 2019
The Colours, Soho Theatre – Review 7th August 2019
Katheryn Howard, Brockley Jack Studio Theatre – Review 7th August 2019
Starved, Hope Theatre – Review 29th July 2019
The Actor’s Nightmare, Park Theatre – Review 21st July 2019
Lunatic 19’s: A Deportational Road Trip, Finborough Theatre – Review 14th July 2019
Girls With Jokes, King’s Head Theatre – Review 14th July 2019
Summer Rolls, Park Theatre – Review 3rd July 2019
The Censor, Hope Theatre – Review 3rd July 2019
I Know My Husband Loves Me, Union Theatre – Review 27th June 2019
Flux, Greenwich Theatre – Review 19th June 2019
Woke, Battersea Arts Centre – Review 18th June 2019
Country Music, Omnibus Theatre – Review 11th June 2019
Hoard, Arcola Theatre – Review 5th June 2019
Rosmersholm, Duke of York’s Theatre – Review 28th May 2019
Bromley Bedlam Bethlehem, Old Red Lion Theatre – Review 22nd May 2019
Friday Night Love Poem, Drayton Arms Theatre – Review 11th May 2019
Getting Over Everest, Hope Theatre – Review 5th May 2019
Five Women Wearing the Same Dress, New Wimbledon Theatre Studio – Review 4th May 2019
Sitting, Arcola Theatre – Review 22nd April 2019
The Noises, Old Red Lion Theatre – Review 11th April 2019

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