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Shanine Salmon
Shanine Salmon was a latecomer to theatre after being seduced by the National Theatre's £5 entry pass tickets and a slight obsession with Alex Jennings. She is sadly no longer eligible for 16-25 theatre tickets but she continues to abuse under 30 offers. There was a market for bringing awareness that London theatre was affordable in an era of £100+ West End tickets – Shanine’s blog, View from the Cheap Seat, launched in April 2016, focuses on productions and theatres that have tickets available for £20 and under. She is also quite opinionated and has views on diversity, pricing, theatre seats and nudity on stage. Her interests include Rocky Horror, gaming, theatre (of course) and she also has her own Etsy shop. Shanine tweets at @Braintree_.
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Comment: Theatre Stands on the Brink: Sonia Friedman on the impact of COVID-19 21st May 2020
An open letter to theatre and performance makers 21st May 2020
The Ghost in the Machine, A Zoom Play 14th May 2020
Theatre stream update 06 April 2020 6th April 2020
Theatre streams 30 March 2020 30th March 2020
Happy World Theatre Day! 27th March 2020
Bin Juice, Vault Festival 21st March 2020
The Time Machine, The London Library 21st March 2020
What now? 19th March 2020
When We Died, Vault Festival 16th March 2020
The Brief Life and Mysterious Death of Boris III King of Bulgaria: Part the First, Vault Festival 16th March 2020
Peace in Our Time, Union Theatre 14th March 2020
N89, Matchstick Piehouse 13th March 2020
Border Control, Vault Festival 12th March 2020
Sugar Coat, Vault Festival 11th March 2020
Giving Up Marty, Vault Festival 11th March 2020
The Importance Of Being…Earnest?, Clapham Omnibus 10th March 2020
Glitch, Vault Festival 9th March 2020
The Incident Room, New Diorama Theatre 6th March 2020
Nuclear War/Buried/Graceland, The Old Red Lion 6th March 2020
Not Quite Jerusalem, Finborough Theatre 6th March 2020
Closed Lands, Vaults Festival 6th March 2020
Tell It Slant, Hope Theatre 5th March 2020
The Special Relationship, Soho Theatre 5th March 2020
She Is A Place Called Home, Vault Festival 4th March 2020
Message in a Bottle, Peacock Theatre 4th March 2020
Love, Loss and Chianti, Riverside Studios, London 4th March 2020
A Little Space, Oxford Playhouse 4th March 2020
Feel More, Lion and Unicorn Theatre 2nd March 2020
Jekyll/Hyde, Vault Festival 2nd March 2020
Blitz! Union Theatre 29th February 2020
Spree, Vault Festival 28th February 2020
Not I, Catastrophe and Rockaby, Brockley Jack Theatre 28th February 2020
Be More Chill, The Other Palace 28th February 2020
Netflix and Chill, Drayton Arms 24th February 2020
Mr Henry Moss – Quadruple Thre4t, Vault Festival 23rd February 2020
Drop Dead Gorgeous, Vault Festival 22nd February 2020
Jollof Wars, Vault Festival 22nd February 2020
Notch, Vault Festival 22nd February 2020
Essence, Vault Festival 22nd February 2020
La Cage aux Folles [The Play], Park Theatre 21st February 2020
Paper Birds: Ask Me Anything, Vault Festival 19th February 2020
Madam Butterfly, Oxford Playhouse 18th February 2020
Sticky Door, VAULT Festival 17th February 2020
Role Play Gourmet, Vault Festival 16th February 2020
The High Table, Bush Theatre 16th February 2020
The Bee in Me, Unicorn Theatre 16th February 2020
"Adoption stories need a face lift, but one with natural ingredients" Interview with Karen Bartholomew on Giving Up Marty 16th February 2020
Review: Crooks 1926, Colab Theatre 14th February 2020
I, Cinna (The Poet), Unicorn Theatre 14th February 2020
Shadows of Troy, Oxford Playhouse 14th February 2020
Chaplin: Birth of a Tramp, Brockley Jack Theatre 13th February 2020
Musik, Leicester Square Theatre 13th February 2020
Idol, The Yard Theatre 13th February 2020
Time and Tide, Park Theatre 12th February 2020
Talk Propa, Vault Festival 11th February 2020
What the Dolls Saw, VAULT Festival 10th February 2020
In My Lungs The Ocean Swells, Vault Festival 6th February 2020
The Off West End Podcast 6th February 2020
On Arriving, Vault Festival 6th February 2020
Frida Kahlo, Viva La Vida 5th February 2020
James McNicholas: The Boxer, Vault Festival 3rd February 2020
Frankie Foxstone aka The Profit: Walking Tour, Vault Festival 3rd February 2020
The Morning After, Above the Stag 2nd February 2020
Tarot, Vault Festival 29th January 2020
Santi and Naz, Vault Festival 29th January 2020
Happily Ever Poofter,King's Head Theatre 24th January 2020
Sex/Crime, Soho Theatre 22nd January 2020
Twelfth Night, Brockley Jack Theatre 22nd January 2020
Artsadmin launch Artists' Bursary Scheme 2020 20th January 2020
Julius Caesar, Lion and Unicorn Theatre 19th January 2020
COPS, Southwark Playhouse 18th January 2020
Beautiful The Carole King Musical, Churchill Theatre 17th January 2020
Spotlight on She Is A Place Called Home's Esohe Uwadiae 16th January 2020
Scrounger, Finborough Theatre 11th January 2020
Antigone, New Diorama Theatre 10th January 2020
Lexicon-No Fit State Circus, Roundhouse 9th January 2020
Up the Bunty, Fantastic Garlands at the Lion and Unicorn 16th December 2019
Aladdin, Churchill Theatre 13th December 2019
The Little Prince, Omnibus Theatre, Clapham 13th December 2019
Thriller Live, Lyric Theatre 12th December 2019
Joan of Leeds, New Diorama Theatre 11th December 2019
The Exceptional Case of Whizz and Drex, Old Red Lion Theatre 10th December 2019
Kneehigh’s Ubu!, Shoreditch Town Hall 10th December 2019
Rules for Living, Tower Theatre 6th December 2019
Snow White, Chickenshed 6th December 2019
F**k Freud, Tristan Bates Theatre 6th December 2019
The Arrival, Bush Theatre 4th December 2019
Cinderella, The Vaults Theatre 3rd December 2019
& Juliet, Shaftesbury Theatre 3rd December 2019
The Wind of Heaven, Finborough Theatre 1st December 2019
A Christmas Carol, Immersive LDN 1st December 2019
Oscar Wilde's The Canterville Ghost, The Unicorn Theatre 29th November 2019
Pinocchio, Above the Stag 29th November 2019
The Last Noel, Wimbledon Library, Merton Arts Space 29th November 2019
Rage, but Hope – The Streatham Space Project 28th November 2019
E-baby, Brockley Jack Theatre 28th November 2019
Muse, Tristan Bates Theatre 22nd November 2019
Ragtime The Musical, Bridwell Theatre 19th November 2019
Katheryn Howard, The Hope Theatre 15th November 2019
2100: A Space Novelty, The Cockpit 15th November 2019
Crisis, What Crisis?, Colab Factory 13th November 2019
The Lovely Bones, Oxford Playhouse 11th November 2019
Mamma Mia the Party! An immersive experience? 11th November 2019
Maria Friedman: From the Heart, Queen Elizabeth Hall 11th November 2019
The House of the Spirits, Cervantes Theatre 11th November 2019
The Beauty Queen of Leenane, Tower Theatre 10th November 2019
Chemistry, Finborough Theatre 7th November 2019
Dirty Crusty, Yard Theatre 7th November 2019
Soho Cinders, Charing Cross Theatre 6th November 2019
Death of a Salesman, Piccadilly Theatre 5th November 2019
Different from Others, White Bear Theatre 5th November 2019
The Entertainer, The Churchill Theatre 5th November 2019
CSI: Crime Scene Improvisation, Museum of Comedy 4th November 2019
Lorna Dallas: Stages, Crazy Coqs 31st October 2019
Gasping, The Space 26th October 2019
Silence, COLAB Theatre 25th October 2019
Little Baby Jesus, Orange Tree Theatre 25th October 2019
Fast, Park Theatre 23rd October 2019
Afterglow, Waterloo East Theatre 23rd October 2019
Paradise Lodge, Chiswick Playhouse 23rd October 2019
Hutch, Hen and Chickens Theatre 20th October 2019
Donizetti’s The Elixir of Love, King’s Head Theatre 18th October 2019
Mites, Tristan Bates Theatre 14th October 2019
Last Orders; The Haunting of the Old Red Lion, Old Red Lion Pub Theatre 11th October 2019
Ghost Stories, Ambassadors Theatre 10th October 2019
Grease, Churchill Theatre 10th October 2019
Derriere on a G String, Lilian Bayliss Studio, Sadler’s Wells 9th October 2019
In preview: Christmas 2019 8th October 2019
Karaoke Play, The Bunker Theatre 7th October 2019
Curious Directive: Gastronomic, Shoreditch Town Hall 6th October 2019
Velvet, Above the Stag Theatre 5th October 2019
We Anchor in Hope, The Bunker 5th October 2019
Review: Red Palace — Soaked in Dreams 3rd October 2019
Murder, Margaret and Me, Churchill Theatre 28th September 2019
Angela’s Ashes the Musical, Fairfield Halls 26th September 2019
Rabbits in the Precambrian, The Front Room 24th September 2019
The Permanent Way, The Vaults 20th September 2019
The Life I Lead, Wyndham’s Theatre 19th September 2019
Hound of the Baskervilles, Abney Park Cemetary 19th September 2019
Darkfield @ Canary Wharf 18th September 2019
At Last, Lion and Unicorn 18th September 2019
House of Kittens premiere an erotic immersive experience 13th September 2019
What Girls Are Made Of, Soho Theatre 13th September 2019
Astana Ballet Present, Linbury Theatre, Royal Opera House 13th September 2019
Queen of the Mist, Charing Cross Theatre 12th September 2019
An Inspector Calls, Churchill Theatre 12th September 2019
Chiaroscuro 11th September 2019
Cherie – My Struggle, Hen and Chickens Theatre Bar 10th September 2019
Typical, Soho Theatre 6th September 2019
Robert Louis Stevenson’s The Strange Case of Jekyll and Hyde, Brockley Jack Theatre 6th September 2019
Macbeth, the Musical 3rd September 2019
Rouge, The Underbelly Festival Southbank 30th August 2019
Cabaret, Churchill Theatre 29th August 2019
Macbeth, Temple Church 27th August 2019
Go Bang Your Tambourine, Finborough Theatre 25th August 2019
A Very Expensive Poison, The Old Vic 21st August 2019
Review: Tracing Erased Memories 20th August 2019
Warheads, Park Theatre 17th August 2019
Sh!t Happens, Camden Fringe 15th August 2019
Villain, Interrupted – Etcetera Theatre 12th August 2019
Boris Rex, Camden Fringe 11th August 2019
The Bareback Kings, Camden Fringe 10th August 2019
Equus, Trafalgar Studios 7th August 2019
The Time of Our Lies, Park Theatre 2nd August 2019
Louisa Keight – Jinkies, The Camden Head 2nd August 2019
Wrath of Achilles, Union Theatre (Edinburgh Preview) 30th July 2019
The Tempest, Creation Theatre in Oxford 29th July 2019
Review: Gingerline’s Chambers of Flavour 24th July 2019
Review: 80 days: A real-world adventure 22nd July 2019
Review: The Unholy Marriage of Slice and Sweetly 21st July 2019
Queen of the Mist transfers to Charing Cross Theatre 20th July 2019
Archie Henderson – Jazz Emu, Museum Of Comedy 19th July 2019
The End of History, Royal Court Theatre 19th July 2019
Just Don’t Shout It from The Rooftops, King’s Head Theatre 16th July 2019
Bitter Wheat, Garrick Theatre 16th July 2019
Lunatic 19s, Finborough Theatre 15th July 2019
The Night of The Iguana, Noel Coward Theatre 12th July 2019
Yours Sincerely, King’s Head Theatre 10th July 2019
Za’Atar Rain, CentrE17 9th July 2019
Loneliness & Other Adventures, Drayton Arms Theatre – Kensington 4th July 2019
Othello Remixed, Omnibus Theatre 4th July 2019
Review: The Murder Express 1st July 2019
Live Review: Hard Copy by Isabelle Sorente 1st July 2019
Dark Sublime, Trafalgar Studios 30th June 2019
Bare: A Pop Opera, Vaults Theatre 27th June 2019
549: Scots of the Spanish Civil War, Wonder Fools, The New Diorama Theatre 25th June 2019
Hedgehog, The Lion and Unicorn Theatre 25th June 2019
The Sandman, Southwark Playhouse 21st June 2019
What Was Left, Southwark Playhouse 20th June 2019
Strange Fruit, Bush Theatre 19th June 2019
A Right Royale Tea, Amba Hotel Charing Cross 17th June 2019
The Psychic Project, Vaults Theatre 15th June 2019
Fatty Fat Fat, Sackler Space 10th June 2019
Handel’s Messiah (II & III) – Porchester Halls 9th June 2019
Kill Climate Deniers – Pleasance Theatre 8th June 2019
J’ouvert, Theatre 503 6th June 2019
The Glass Menagerie, Arcola Theatre 5th June 2019
Precious Little, The Brockley Jack Studio 3rd June 2019
Review: Drawing the Line 31st May 2019
Jeff Wayne’s War of the Worlds: The Immersive Experience, 56 Leadenhall Street 31st May 2019

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