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Shanine Salmon
Shanine Salmon was a latecomer to theatre after being seduced by the National Theatre's £5 entry pass tickets and a slight obsession with Alex Jennings. She is sadly no longer eligible for 16-25 theatre tickets but she continues to abuse under 30 offers. There was a market for bringing awareness that London theatre was affordable in an era of £100+ West End tickets – Shanine’s blog, View from the Cheap Seat, launched in April 2016, focuses on productions and theatres that have tickets available for £20 and under. She is also quite opinionated and has views on diversity, pricing, theatre seats and nudity on stage. Her interests include Rocky Horror, gaming, theatre (of course) and she also has her own Etsy shop. Shanine tweets at @Braintree_.
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Can immersive theatre provide value for money?

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In a world of people singing along to musical theatre and drunkenly shouting to actors in passive productions (I’ve been to Rocky Horror so I am saying nothing) it is nice that there is an outlet for them but with the exception of big producers like Punchdrunk (currently in Shanghai) most immersive theatre is new writing and sometimes not very good new writing.

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Based on a true story this has been marketed as a look at British prison life, the issue is that Brown’s two-hander, with Mark Wingett (Jim Carver in The Bill) as her jailbird father Terry doesn’t even touch the surface of what it is really like to be in prison and most of what we hear of Terry’s time is second/third hand information.

THE WILD PARTY – Hope Theatre

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First published in 1928 (having been banned and rejected for its sheer filth) this adaptation embraces the rhythm of the Joseph Moncure March narrative poem and of the time but whilst Anna Clark and Joey Akubeze give the 16 characters they play between their all there is something that makes this production feel a bit disjointed.

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BRAINS – Theatre N16

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Thick and Thin’s comedy about a zombie outbreak and the pharma industry feels like an extended comedy sketch but it has a lot of potential to be a funny and clever look at healthcare in a capitalist world.MediBite provides expensive medicine to those who are desperate to avoid the ‘contamination’.

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BU21 – Trafalgar Studios

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Much like the play’s own traumatised characters, Stuart Slade’s BU21 feels precarious, but ultimately achieves great depth through cathartic honesty. The intimate six-hander, now playing at Trafalgar Studios after a successful run at Theatre503, tells the story of six people who have been scarred by a terrorist attack on flight BU21 (a fictional attack that takes place in the very-near future).


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The Trackers of Oxyrhynchus, Tony Harrison’s 1998 will either divide or conquer its audience with its intense performances and its rhyming couplets.

I failed to really research this production prior to seeing it. I waltzed in with my double G&T expecting an Edwardian drama about two Oxford dons in the Egyptian Desert I was soon surprised to get swearing, fake penises and rhyming couplets.

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