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Stephanie Ressort
Stephanie is a functioning theatre addict. Her friends might be more worried about her habit, if they didn't benefit from her ninja theatre booking skills. Not a reviewer in the traditional sense, she focuses on the things she's loved, the shows she's excited about, and her tips for finding great, affordable theatre in London. Notorious for her obsession with sitting as close to the stage as possible, it is not surprising that Stephanie's now also exploring if she has what it takes to write for the theatre.
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‘Gleefully brings the comedy of the piece to life’: THE GAME OF LOVE & CHANCE – Arcola Outside ★★★★

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This brand new English version of Pierre de Marivaux’s classic comedy The Game of Love and Chance, adapted by Quentin Beroud and Jack Gamble, takes great delight in modernising this almost 300-year-old French play. There is a knowingness to the adaptation that adds yet more comic layers to the wonderfully silly piece.

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‘Totally absorbing’: I & THE VILLAGE – Bread & Roses Theatre ★★★★

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Set in an isolated Direct Provision Centre in Ireland in 2017, I and The Village is a powerful piece of theatre, telling the story of three asylum seekers waiting to find out if they will be given permission to stay in Ireland. Jeta, Keicha and Hannah are stuck in limbo, waiting, struggling with trauma they can not directly express, all while barely existing in a state of long-term confinement and isolation.

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