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Thom Dibdin
Thom Dibdin has been reviewing and writing about theatre in Scotland since the last millennium. He is currently Scotland Correspondent for The Stage newspaper. In 2010, he founded The city's only dedicated theatre website, it covers all Edinburgh theatre year-round - and all theatre made in Edinburgh during EdFringe. Thom is passionate about quality in theatre criticism and is a member of the Critics' Awards for Theatre in Scotland. He tweets from @AllEdinTheatre and, personally, from @ThomDibdin.
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The latest from Thom's site

Easter Play becomes Edinburgh Passion 23rd January 2020
Assembly expands ART award 15th January 2020
Hidden Door open call 13th January 2020
Big MAMA is Back 13th January 2020
David Greig extends Lyceum tenure to 2025 9th January 2020
Lion King adds 25 perfs 8th January 2020
It’s Barry to be Barry 8th January 2020
Trav Open Auditions 5th January 2020
Boxing Day Sale 26th December 2019
Playhouse Comedy update 20th December 2019
It’s a Wonderful Life 17th December 2019
Flutter 16th December 2019
White Christmas for Edinburgh 16th December 2019
Aladdin 14th December 2019
Creeping Beauty 14th December 2019
Sunny Afternoon for 2020 13th December 2019
The Lion King 12th December 2019
I Can Go Anywhere 11th December 2019
Mrs Brown is Coming to Town 11th December 2019
Bat Out Of Hell to Glasgow 9th December 2019
Goldilocks and the Three Bears 6th December 2019
PAW Patrol Live! in Edinburgh 6th December 2019
Hairspray 6th December 2019
Strange Tales 4th December 2019
Strictly Ballroom for Edinburgh 3rd December 2019
An Edinburgh Christmas Carol 30th November 2019
Playhouse & SEC Black Friday Ticket Deals 30th November 2019
Cinderella 30th November 2019
Dr Seuss’ How The Grinch Stole Christmas! 28th November 2019
It’s Hairspray for the 45! 28th November 2019
Dreamgirls for Edinburgh 27th November 2019
A West End Winter Wonderland 24th November 2019
Kerry Ellis for Edinburgh 22nd November 2019
Into the Woods 22nd November 2019
On Golden Pond 21st November 2019
Edinburgh Gang Show 2019 20th November 2019
9 to 5 The Musical 18th November 2019
Listings Mon 18 – Sun 24 Nov 2019 17th November 2019
Six Decades of Neckies 15th November 2019
Catch 22 13th November 2019
New Top Team at Trav 13th November 2019
Mormon’s mission to Playhouse 11th November 2019
EGTG Catch their 22 10th November 2019
New boss for Capital Theatres 8th November 2019
Listings Mon 4 – Sun 10 Nov 2019 6th November 2019
Priscilla Queen Of The Desert – The Musical 6th November 2019
Mary Queen of Scots got her Head Chopped Off 6th November 2019
The Exorcist 6th November 2019
Cabaret 6th November 2019
SB’s Swan Lake for Festival 5th November 2019
Passing Through for NY 3rd November 2019
Made in Dagenham 31st October 2019
Footloose for Playhouse 30th October 2019
Prism 30th October 2019
The Rocky Horror Show 29th October 2019
Barber Shop Chronicles 25th October 2019
Listings Mon 21 – Sun 27 Oct 2019 24th October 2019
Heathers for Playhouse 24th October 2019
Frankenstein 22nd October 2019
The King and I 19th October 2019
The Night Watch 16th October 2019
Scripts wanted 15th October 2019
Listing Mon 14 – Sun 20 Oct 2019 14th October 2019
An Inspector Calls 9th October 2019
PPP: The Signalman 9th October 2019
MagicFest 10 Revealed 7th October 2019
Listings Mon 7 – Sun 13 Oct 2019 6th October 2019
McDonald’s Playhouse Return 6th October 2019
Annie 4th October 2019
A Woman of No Importance 2nd October 2019
Commitments for Playhouse 30th September 2019
Quinn cast as Wullie 30th September 2019
Billionaire Boy for Edinburgh 29th September 2019
Rogue Elf Wanted 27th September 2019
A Taste of Honey 25th September 2019
A second life in theatre 25th September 2019
Listings Mon 23 – Sun 29 Sept 2019 23rd September 2019
Mamma Mia! 21st September 2019
Playhouse laughing 20th September 2019
Black Men Walking 19th September 2019
Susan Wales Hampson 19th September 2019
Showcase 2019 18th September 2019
Number One Fan 17th September 2019
£174K for Kings 17th September 2019
Solaris 16th September 2019
CBeebies Xmas Show for Edinburgh 13th September 2019
Lion King extends Playhouse Run 9th September 2019
Listings: Mon 9 – Sun 15 Sept 2019 8th September 2019
Lyceum seeks carol singers 8th September 2019
Dirty Rotten Scoundrels wanted! 8th September 2019
LYAMC & Showcase 5th September 2019
Listings: Mon 2 – Sun 8 Sept 2019 3rd September 2019
PPP for BBC Scotland 1st September 2019
Exorcist cast for Kings 31st August 2019
Tartuffe 28th August 2019
BookFest – The Final Whistle 28th August 2019
Daughterhood 28th August 2019
Don’t Frighten the Straights 28th August 2019
EdFringe sells 3 million Tix 26th August 2019
India Flamenco – A Gipsy Tale 26th August 2019
Barry 26th August 2019
Goodbye Charles 26th August 2019
Jesus Christ Superstar 26th August 2019
Oliver! 25th August 2019
Never None (but She) 25th August 2019
Black is the Color of My Voice 25th August 2019
Madame George 25th August 2019
Playing With Books 25th August 2019
Surveillance 25th August 2019
Fish 25th August 2019
Moot Moot 24th August 2019
The Understudies 24th August 2019
Woke 24th August 2019
Alba Flamenca 24th August 2019
Umbrella Man 24th August 2019
Dr Korczak’s Example 24th August 2019
Ivory Wings 23rd August 2019
Heir Heads 23rd August 2019
Cadaver Synod 23rd August 2019
Heroes 23rd August 2019
Rowan Rheingans: Dispatches on the Red Dress 23rd August 2019
The Collection of Professor Novak 23rd August 2019
Krapp’s Last Tape 22nd August 2019
She Can’t Half Talk 22nd August 2019
At the Book Festival 22nd August 2019
Nancy’s Philosopher 21st August 2019
Burns for Brunch 21st August 2019
The Happiness Project 21st August 2019
1902 21st August 2019
Perfect Wedding 20th August 2019
Bull 20th August 2019
(Can This Be) Home 18th August 2019
Celeste’s Circus 18th August 2019
A Brief History of the Fragile Male Ego 18th August 2019
Silence In Court 18th August 2019
Pink House 17th August 2019
Resurrecting Bobby Awl 17th August 2019
Haggis, Neeps and Burns 17th August 2019
The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee 16th August 2019
The Man Who Planted Trees 15th August 2019
Atlantis 15th August 2019
The Brooklyn Scotsman 15th August 2019
The Lament of Dorothy Wordsworth 15th August 2019
Sad Eyes to Smile With 15th August 2019
Thunderstruck 15th August 2019
Reservoir Dugs 15th August 2019
Number, Please 15th August 2019
Bonnie and Clyde 14th August 2019
The Greenhouse Reviewed 14th August 2019
The Greenhouse 14th August 2019
The Taming of the Shrew 13th August 2019
First Piano on the Moon 13th August 2019
Broken Funnies 13th August 2019
Low Level Panic 13th August 2019
Drone 13th August 2019
Chagos 1971 13th August 2019
A Man’s A Man 13th August 2019
Bugsy Malone 13th August 2019
A Game of Death and Chance 12th August 2019
Bull 12th August 2019
In Her Corner 11th August 2019
Rent 11th August 2019
Of Mice And Men 11th August 2019
Tartuffe 11th August 2019
In Space… 11th August 2019
This Script 11th August 2019
The Merry Wives of Windsor/Holyrood 10th August 2019
Going Slightly Mad 10th August 2019
A Bohemian Fairytale 10th August 2019
A War of Two Halves 10th August 2019
Anthems & Movie Music 10th August 2019
Craig on the Cliff 9th August 2019
The Addams Family 9th August 2019
Pool (no water) 9th August 2019
The Grandmothers Grimm 9th August 2019
Oliver! 9th August 2019
The 27 Club 9th August 2019
Parasites 9th August 2019
Surprise Package 8th August 2019
Sunset 8th August 2019
The Pat Hobby Stories 8th August 2019
Arrivals 8th August 2019
Level Up 8th August 2019
Princess Pumpalot: The Ghostly Farting Monk Hunt 8th August 2019
Where Do Fairies Come From? 8th August 2019
Sister Act 7th August 2019
Second Honeymoon 6th August 2019
Gray and Stott go “FOH” at King’s 6th August 2019
Blood And Gold 6th August 2019
Annie Jr. 5th August 2019
How Not To Drown 5th August 2019
All Shook Up 5th August 2019
13 The Musical 5th August 2019
Brave Macbeth 5th August 2019
Once On This Island 4th August 2019
A Midsummer Night’s Dream 3rd August 2019
Teechers 3rd August 2019
Legally Blonde Again 3rd August 2019
Legally Blonde 3rd August 2019
Down It Fresher! 2nd August 2019
EdFringe Theatre – Amateur Companies 30th July 2019
EdFringe Theatre – Grassroots Companies 30th July 2019
EdFringe Theatre – Youth & Student companies 30th July 2019
EdFringe Theatre – Professional Companies 30th July 2019
EdFringe Musicals 30th July 2019
EdFringe Children’s shows 30th July 2019
EdFringe Dance, Cabaret & Spoken Word 30th July 2019
Made in Edinburgh 30th July 2019
Below the Blanket 28th July 2019
Last Call for EIF Opener 25th July 2019
Summer on Stage 2019 22nd July 2019
Legally Blonde – The Musical 19th July 2019
The Bodyguard 12th July 2019
___Is Where The Heart Is 11th July 2019
Boyle Is Back 10th July 2019
The Bodyguard Returns 4th July 2019
Listings Mon 1 to Sun 7 July 2019 3rd July 2019
Von Teese for Playhouse 28th June 2019
Phantom at the Festival 27th June 2019
Women in Parliament 27th June 2019
Amélie The Musical 26th June 2019
Listings Mon 24 – Sun 30 June 2019 25th June 2019
The Sideshow 24th June 2019
Once for Playhouse 24th June 2019
Strictly Tix On Sale 21st June 2019
Strictly dancers for Edinburgh 20th June 2019
Captain Corelli’s Mandolin 19th June 2019
Hair – the Musical 18th June 2019
Solaris Cast 15th June 2019
Redknapp & Davies take 9 to 5 13th June 2019
Beautiful for Playhouse 12th June 2019
Knives in Hens 12th June 2019
Club Tropicana 12th June 2019
The Twenty Five 11th June 2019
Listings Mon 10 – Sun 16 June 2019 10th June 2019
Wake up! 10th June 2019
Traverse wins big at CATS 9th June 2019

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