‘Let’s hope industry leaders listen’: CASTE-ING – Edinburgh Festival Fringe

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Roundabout @ Summerhall, Edinburgh – until 28 August 2022

Nouveau Riche, creators of the hit show Queens of Sheba that confronts systemically ingrained misogynoir, now focuses on the experience of being a Black woman actor. Using music, beatboxing and spoken word to expose the micro-aggressions and racism that shape their working lives, the show is a rallying cry for change within theatre and film.

The montage of short scenes and monologues each depicts a specific scenario or issue that Black women encounter whilst auditioning or working. These range from discrimination against darker skin tones, to white stylists who aren’t skilled enough to do Black hair and makeup, to the types of characters they are most often asked to portray. It’s evident by the range and number of examples that this is a major problem infringing on the rights of Black women actors to do their jobs without encountering racial violence.

Driving these stories is a mix of anger, resentment and desperation for