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‘Deals with some important issues’: MY BOY DANNY (Online review)

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New online theatre material keeps popping up all the time – or at least it eventually comes to my attention which amounts to much the same thing; this latest one did so by a somewhat circuitous route. My Boy Danny played at this year’s recent Camden Fringe as an online stream, but I managed to muddle the dates and therefore missed it.

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‘The monk playing an electric guitar is a more recent invention’: THE YORK MYSTERY PLAYS – BBC Sounds (Online Review)

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It is not with a little sense of surprise that I found myself yesterday experiencing my 800th online production which is the subject of this review. Back in April 2020 I, probably along with the vast majority of people, was only expecting the virus problem to last a matter of weeks and yet here we are and here I am still reviewing daily after 535 days.

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‘Layers of meaning’: LOVE BEYOND THE ZOO — BBC Sounds (Online review)

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During the 20th century, absurdism and surrealism surfaced in literature to make pertinent points about human nature and ‘the real world’. Prime examples include Franz Kafka’s The Metamorphosis and by George Orwell’s Animal Farm. In both cases, anthropomorphism features – a state of affairs that is tonally ‘taken for granted’.

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‘Literal shivers down the spine’: FALLING IN LOVE WITH MR DELLAMORT (Online review)

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Any new musical must bring cause for celebration, and so I approached this one with some interest. First planned as a stage production and billed as “the world’s first theremin musical”, Falling in Love With Mr Dellamort has now resurfaced as a three episode podcast directed by Ella Jane New, and with orchestrations by Lena Gabrielle.

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‘Nothing is fixed for ever, not even the Never Never’: Jo Tyabji directs Darling for Written on the Waves

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Written by Tabby Lamb and starring David Hoyle, Darling is the latest instalment from the second season of 45North’s Written on the Waves audio play series and examines what it’s really like growing up inspired by the boy who never did. Kirsty Herrington caught up with director Jo Tyabji to find out more.

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‘Challenging preconceptions’: DARLING / A PASSION PLAY – Written On The Waves (Online review)

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45 North’s audio play series Written On The Waves kicked off Season 2 with a trilogy Lifted a couple of weeks ago. This has swiftly been followed by a second play from one of the same writers and as it was reasonably brief I also thought I would go back to one of the pieces from Season 1 that I had yet to get round to reviewing.