A truly contemporary coming of age story’: CUCKOO – Soho Theatre ★★★★

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Soho Theatre, London – until 8 December 2018

Lisa Carroll’s razor-sharp play is vividly brought to life thanks to Debbie Hannan’s perceptive and emotionally engaging production. 

Powerfully engaging and relatable, Lisa Carroll’s play Cuckoo perfectly captures what it means to be an outsider trying to fit in – particularly in a generation in which social media can have a particularly vicious impact on lives as highlighted during this strongly performed production.

But writing this review is deeply personal to me as watching Cuckoo brought up my own memories of being at school desperate to fit in and liked by my peers. Throughout Debbie Hannan’s raw and intense production, there are flashes of moments that reveal just how much I can identify with both Pingu (Elise Heaven) and Iona (Caitriona Ennis) and how each of them deals with being isolated. That isn’t to say that I ever experienced the same brutal level of torment that Pingu and Iona went through – but I have felt the way they felt at various times during my own school years.

Sick of being bullied and isolated from their peers and wanting a fresh start away from Dublin, best friends Pingu and Iona decide to move to London – a city filled with opportunities and a chance to start again. But their plan doesn’t go according to plan when cool kids Pockets and Trix attempt to make Iona stay – and offer her a chance to fit in.

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