FEATURED SHOW: The Wild Party at the Hope Theatre, ★★★★★ reviews are in!

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Have you seen the myriad five- and four-star reviews for our Featured Show, Mingled Yarn Theatre’s two-hander play with music based on Joseph Moncure March‘s once-banned 1928 poem THE WILD PARTY (and not to be confused with Michael John LaChiusa’s musical adaptation at The Other Palace next month). A selection of some of our favourite review quotes are gathered below…

Grimy Jazz Age masterpiece THE WILD PARTY is the lust-fuelled story of an affair between two cabaret stars, and the final, fatal party they throw in their seedy Hollywood apartment.

Queenie dances twice a night in the vaudeville, and Burrs is the clown who goes on after her act. In the apartment they share Queenie toys dangerously with Burrs affections, but when they throw a party they drag everyone into their ugly games. Brothers Phil and Oscar play the piano while Jack eyes both of them from the corner, and Queenie’s best pal Kate arrives late with a handsome new man on her arm.

Brought to life by just two actors, Anna Clark and Joey Akubeze, the syncopated rhythms and rhymes of Joseph Moncure March’s classic poem weave in and out of live music, songs and dancing in this new production that’s served soused in gin, jazz and sex.

The production is directed by Rafaella Marcus, designed by Minglu Wang, with lighting and sound by Will Alder and casting by Gabriella Shimeld-Fenn. It’s produced by David Ralf.

For more coverage of THE WILD PARTY from the Mates – including Helen McWilliams, Caroline Hanks-Farmer, Laura Kressly, Ian Foster, Terri Paddock and Emma Clarendonclick here.

THE WILD PARTY runs at London’s Hope Theatre until 28 January 2017.

“Rafaella Marcus’ whip-smart direction is full of fruity invention and rips along with breath-taking verve … The language is rich and punchy and here it provides the perfect script for over a dozen characters played by just two actors … A consummately-produced joy, showcasing two exceptional talents and all their shadowy pals”
“Left me with a solitary complaint: I wanted more! … The chemistry between the actors was perfect … Laden with alcohol, scandal, sex and violence”
“Wholly dynamic and scintillating … The play brings the poem to life so convincingly and vividly … This show is one to see”
“Joey Akubeze and Anna Clarke make a captivating duo. Their chemistry is obvious, as they switch from couple to couple – and both have impeccable comic timing … A fun and flirty look at the darker side of the Jazz Age”
“Fun, funny at times and fizzing with energy … This unusual and offbeat show is certainly well-worth a visit … This multi-talented and energetic pair of actors also give us jazz-influenced songs which break-up the poem”
“A cultural touchstone [is] brought to life under the direction of Rafaella Marcus … Anna Clarke and Joey Akubeze give their all, delivering meter-perfect diction in tandem with exemplary singing and dancing”
“The descriptive and poetic language takes centre stage to great effect … Strong and seductive vocals … “Great energy and drive”
“A vivid sense of a raucous life … Will Alder’s lighting intensifies the dark jealousy that lies at the heart of the story. The overall effect is a highly charismatic mix of gin, sex, violence and pop – what more could you want from a party?”
“Both actors seem to be genuinely enjoying themselves. Running, jumping, dancing and singing their way around the space, there is a warmth and charm in both actors’ performances … I could watch this show all day everyday it was so varied, intricate and utterly satisfying”
“Joey Akubeze and Anna Clarke are perfect partners in rhyme … The chemistry between Clarke and Akubeze is electric; the first dance between Queenie and her new ‘friend’ Mr Black is the sexiest thing I’ve seen Off West End”
“Leave the kids at home, but take your maiden aunt, or anyone who wants their own wild past to be re-imagined … Director Rafaella Marcus has squeezed every ounce of life and energy from her talented protagonists … Intimate theatre at its most up-front and personal”
“Joey Akubeze and Anna Clarke are energetic and engaging… Two performers in constant, dynamic motion … Will Alder’s lighting charts the party’s shifting mood, slipping casually between louche lilac and purple washes”
“Clarke plays the iconic part of showgirl Queenie with a perfectly bittersweet air of a troubled star … Both players throw themselves into each part with a conviction that creates a frenzied chaos on stage”
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MyTheatreMates publishes a selection of daily press releases sent to us by publicists of the relevant show or theatre. We are not responsible for any inaccuracies contained within these materials.

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