FEATURED SHOW: Arrows & Traps’ Frankenstein at Brockley Jack Theatre, ★★★★ reviews are in!

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Have you caught the Arrows & Traps’ “fearlessly inventive” adaptation of Frankenstein? The production has been nominated for two Offies – Best Director for Ross McGregor and Best Supporting Actor for Will Pinchin as the Creature – and is now continuing at London’s Brockley Jack Theatre on 21 October 2017. A selection of some of our favourite review quotes, as well as buzz for the show on Twitter, is gathered below…

Arrows & Traps brand-new adaptation of Frankenstein, written and directed by artistic director Ross McGregor, marks the 200-year anniversary since Mary Shelley wrote the original manuscript – and puts the classic gothic novel’s own creator at the centre of the story…

Victor Frankenstein, a brilliant and ambitious young student, discovers the secret of creating life from the remains of the dead. But elation at his triumph turns to horror when he realises the full extent of his monstrous creation. Abandoned by the one who made him, Frankenstein’s Creature is left alone in a world that fears and rejects him, and soon his innocence turns to misery. Increasingly desperate and vengeful, he determines to track down his creator and strike a terrifying bargain.

Will Pinchin is joined in the cast by Cornelia Baumann as Mary Shelley and Christopher Tester as Victor Frankenstein, as well as Olly Brassell, Victoria Llewellyn, Philip Ridout, Beatrice Vincent and Zoe Dales. The production is designed by Maisey Corie, with sound by Alistair Lax, movement by Will Pinchin and lighting by Ben Jacobs.

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Frankenstein continues at London’s Brockley Jack Theatre until 21 October 2017.

Review highlights

★★★★ - Everything Theatre
★★★★ – Everything Theatre
Nathan Blue: “A full-bodied show… some extraordinary stage craft on display… Ross McGregor and his company have conjured up a very fine development of this enduring modern myth.”
Ought to Be Clowns > Mates
Ought to Be Clowns > Mates
Ian Foster: “Masterfully done… fearlessly inventive… Cornelia Baumann is powerful as Mary Shelley, full of determination even in an uncompromising world.”
The Stage
The Stage
Julia Rank: “Superbly physical… The big moments are rendered with flair… Oliver Brassell is a compelling Percy Bysshe Shelley.”
Broadway World
Gary Naylor: “[Christopher] Nolan-esque… Intellectually satisfying… Three narratives woven into a demanding yet stimulating whole… Will Pinchin’s Creature is brilliantly played with winning pathos.”
★★★★ - Reviews Gate
★★★★ – Reviews Gate
William Russell: “Well acted and directed… an outstanding evening… An outstanding performance by Will Pinchin as the Creature, transitioning from a muted monster figure to a wholly articulate and tragic one.”
★★★★ - Spy in the Stalls
★★★★ – Spy in the Stalls
Joanne Hinson: “It will stay in my mind a long time… The symbiotic relationship between Victor and the Creature is acted beautifully by Christopher Tester and Will Pinchin.”
The Blog of Theatre Things
Liz Dyer: “It’s quite a feat to breathe new life into one of the world’s most popular and iconic novels – but there’s no doubt Arrows & Traps’ Ross McGregor has succeeded… thrilling and poignant… Often surprisingly funny and visually beautiful… Most impressive… it never fails to amaze how this company can create such drama on such a small stage.”
★★★★ - London Theatre 1
★★★★ – London Theatre 1
Christina Calgaro: “Beautifully staged… sensitively performed… Pinchin’s performance as the Creature is a highlight… This production [has] a freshness and depth rarely seen in other adaptations.”
★★★★ - The Upcoming
★★★★ – The Upcoming
Euan Franklin: “A shocking surprise… thoughtful and energetic… Arrows & Traps bring new life to an old classic with humorous and emotional performances all round.”
British Theatre Guide
British Theatre Guide
Sandra Giorgetti: “Atmospheric and dramatic… a hauntingly emotive performance… A carefully arranged piece [that] works extremely well as a moving exploration of isolation, loss and parental abandonment.”
★★★★ - Remote Goat 
★★★★ – Remote Goat
Alan Ward: “Sensitive and physical… Outstanding performances throughout… An immersive tale with exciting stage, deserving of a mighty audience.”
★★★★ - Fairy Powered Productions
★★★★ – Fairy Powered Productions
Claire Roderick: “Writer/director Ross McGregor and dramaturg Kate Bannister have steered clear of all clichés and created a fresh, often funny, and insightful vision by interweaving the story of Mary Shelley’s life with her novel.”
★★★★ - Stage Review
★★★★ – Stage Review
Anne Cox: “Bold and thrilling… Refreshing, refined and reanimated… Stunning stand-out set pieces… but it is WIll Pinchin’s sorrowful monster that leaves a lasting impression.”
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Press Releases on Twitter
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MyTheatreMates publishes a selection of daily press releases sent to us by publicists of the relevant show or theatre. We are not responsible for any inaccuracies contained within these materials.

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