How to make a clown and other Slava’s Snowshow questions answered

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Slava’s Snowshow celebrates its 20th anniversary in the UK this Christmas If you want a white Christmas in London, even after the 25th, you may consider stopping in to see Aled Jones and Tom Chambers in Irving Berlin’s White Christmas. However, for a thicker snowfall, the action, until 5 January, is at the Southbank Centre, where Slava’s Snowshow has returned for a fourth consecutive Christmas season at the Royal Festival Hall. This season also marks the 20th anniversary of this multi award-winning show’s UK debut. Created by renowned Russian clown Slava Polunin, who continues to lead the international Academy of Fools company, Slava’s Snowshow combines theatrical clowning with snowy spectacle. Ever wondered what it’s like to be a clown? Those and other burning questions answered below. Slava’s Snowshow at London’s Royal Festival Hall About Slava’s clowns How long does it take to make a clown? One romantic night with a lot of love and a small dose of destiny. Can anybody become a clown? No. Only clowns. When do Slava’s fools celebrate April Fools’ Day? On April 2nd. Where do clowns go when they retire? Home. What do clowns dream of? Sleeping. What is the yellow clown formula? It takes hundreds of green clowns to make one yellow clown when we get lucky. After 40 years of making clown shows, we have no more than four active yellow clowns. We consider them to be the rarest species in the world. How are clowns so seriously silly? Slava’s clowns train to be silly no less than eight hours and 14 minutes per day with no coffee break. Who makes the clowns’ noses? Every fool makes his own tailor-made nose. About the Snowshow Slava’s Snowshow at London’s Royal Festival Hall How are Slava’s clowns cast for the show? All cast members are hand-picked on the basis of being 100% authentic fools to act as themselves. The selection criteria is not scientifically empiric and factors such as the size of shoes, the name of the grandmother and the direction of wind can alter the selection process. What is the concept of the show? Why not? How much snow is used in each show? Enough to make everybody’s heart warm up and want to stand up and scream with joy. Why do audiences keep coming back to the show? To see if they can understand something the next time round. How come Slava isn’t always performing in the show? A vital question of survival of the clown species. How long will Slava’s Snowshow keep touring? As long as people are foolish enough to keep it going. We believe that it will last for another quarter of eternity.   Slava’s Snowshow continues until 5 January 2015 at the Royal Festival Hall, with more international dates in future.  

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