MOTHER COURAGE & HER CHILDREN – Southwark Playhouse ★★★

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Southwark Playhouse – until 9 December 2017
Guest reviewer: Charlotte Smith

Mother Courage is a deep, interesting play, of one mother’s struggle to keep hold of her two sons and daughter during the war, with only their wagon for support. Using this small, intimate theatre for the setting was a good idea as it gave across a more hazardous setting. It allows the cast to bring the audience into their surroundings and feelings, using blankets either side of the stage hovering above the entrances.

Josie Lawrence gives a great performance as Mother Courage despite the heartache she endured on a daily basis. Giving such a poignant performance you feel like her “On stage” children were her own the way she protects them. She then has one son taken into battle whilst being tricked by a soldier.  Courage has spent years protecting him and for him not to be under her control and care anymore couldn’t have been easy.

Mother Courage and her now two children spend years travelling through the night selling goods to keep afloat. This is a hard-hitting show with everyone facing sheer hell, terror and uncertainty as to what each day will bring. Mother Courage protects her children as any mother would which makes it heart breaking to see her fight back the tears when the generals bring her son’s body in for her to identify.

Throughout the play you do feel as though you are in the camp with the s