Old Friends at Cambridge Junction

‘Part slumber party, part storytelling show’: OLD FRIENDS – Cambridge Junction (Online show)

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Performance maker Tamara Micner’s online show ‘Old Friends’ is a peculiar bag. Part-slumber party, part-storytelling show, it taps into a relatively universal experience, that of losing a childhood best friend; something that relates to all of our lives: who among us are still in touch with everyone we held close as children?

The title is drawn from Simon & Garfunkel, a famously broken friendship whose songs underscore the whole show. Micner takes us from when she met Roe in primary school, to growing up together, moving countries and sharing a flat together as adults, until a rift occurs in the relationship when Roe wants to move in with her boyfriend, leaving the flat she currently shares with Tamara and her partner. It doesn’t take much after that before the friendship implodes, and Micner hasn’t heard from Roe in a while. Micner punctuates the narrative with breaks that return us to the ‘sleepover’ mise en scene: we’re invited to play truth or dare and do the Macarena, amongst other sleepover-esque activities, the nostalgia value of which may have been a little lost on me (I didn’t have that kind of childhood).

That’s the pitch, but it doesn’t always hang together. Many of the snapshots of the relationship we’re shown don’t have obvious narrative bite, such as a piece