Pride & Prejudice (sort of) at the Criterion Theatre

‘A raucous & entertaining evening from five talented women’: PRIDE & PREJUDICE (sort of) – West End

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Criterion Theatre, London

As five conspiratorial servants potter around the stage before the show proper we know this is going to be no typical Jane Austen adaptation. Brought into the West End by producer David Pugh, this is Pride and Prejudice as you never knew it.

Here is the story of the Bennets and Bingleys put into a comic karaoke setting. Even with some characters facing an editorial snip, the major players are beautifully brought to life through quick costume changes and fast-paced editing.

Charles Bingley (Hannah Jarrett-Scott, who is also Miss Bingley and Miss Lucas) is a dumb posh boy we first meet when he has his hand stuck in a tube of Pringles, while Darcy (writer Isobel McArthur, also Mrs Bennet) is a sulky and smouldering “mardarse” who at one point stalks Lizzie Bennet via his ancestral portrait.

The girl