‘Has some real highlights’: ROCKY HORROR SHOW – Touring

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Touring – reviewed at the Churchill Theatre, Bromley

I love Rocky Horror. Yes, it is a bit camp, yes it may not have aged that well, but it is a good night out with catchy songs, audience participation and one of the finest characters to grace the earth Frank‘N’Furter.

Richard O’Brien’s Rocky Horror Show is on a world tour and it has stopped in Bromley. For those that saw the Playhouse Theatre run in 2015 with O’Brien as the narrator and David Bedella as Frank, this is a very similar
production, but even if you find yourself fatigued with Rocky Horror (not possible) then this touring show has some real highlights.

Philip Franks steals the show as the narrator. He has performed this role on and off for over a decade and it shows. He is ready for the audience shouting at him, he is ready to throw in a few Brexit references, and his suggestion that we all come back and shout at Anne Widdecombe on her tour went down well. The narrator is such a key part of the live show and Franks is more than prepared.

Stephen Webb as Frank is an interesting choice. He looks the part, with his strong chest in a corset and cracking gams in fishnets, but his deep New Jersey accent brings more complexity to the part. Tim Curry sounded
like the Queen. Webb sounds like Danny De Vito. It brings open masculinity to the role