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‘I didn’t find that this production ever really took off’: MY NIGHT WITH REG — Online / Turbine

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One of the huge advantages of online theatre over the last eighteen months or so has been being able to catch up with plays that any self-respecting reviewer should have seen but for whatever reason hasn’t. My Night With Reg was first produced in 1994 (missed it), has been revived since (missed them) and even turned into a TV film (guess what?)

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‘The decision to move the action to the 1920s is inspired’: THE LADY WITH A DOG – White Bear Theatre ★★★★

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Advice columns have often suggested lonely hearts should take up dog walking as a sure-fire way of finding romance. They may be barking up the wrong tree but love-sick mutts are suckers for a cute pooch. The ploy works wonders in Mark Giesser’s enchanting romance, The Lady With A Dog, adapted from Chekhov’s classic short story.