CIRCUS: Clockwork – Sisters

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This is the 99th time the trio of men who call themselves Sisters have performed Clockwork, and the way they move together is meticulous. The action has all the slickness of Cirque du Soleil, but presented up close and personal.

Clockwork slaloms between abstract and surreal with a sparse and functional aesthetic, full of cleverness and experimentation. The key questions that underlie the work are about how a dancer, an equilibrist and an acrobat could come together; how a Frenchman, a Dane and a Spaniard may be united; how three separate and distinct physiques can work as one. Precision engineered to each other’s movements are Valia Beauvieux, Mikkel Hobitz Filtenborg and Pablo Rada Moniz, who founded Sisters five years ago in Sweden with the commonality of Chinese Pole technique between them, and a desire to learn each other to find a shared movement language.