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‘An intriguing life’: THE WOMAN WHO AMUSES HERSELF – Brockley Jack Studio Theatre ★★★★

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Victor Lotado’s story The Woman Who Amuses Herself is based on true events which took place back in 1911 when Vincenzo Peruggia stole the famous painting Mona Lisa from the Louvre in Paris. Posing as a workman and dressed accordingly the theft in his opinion was effortlessly carried out.

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‘A guarantee of quality’: THE STRANGE CASE OF JEKYLL & HYDE – Brockley Jack Studio Theatre & Touring

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Arrows and Traps’ residency at the Brockley Jack is a guarantee of quality. This new adaptation, from director and writer Ross McGregor, of the classic novel sets the scene in 21st century America; amongst school shootings, right wing rhetoric, sexuality and the science that makes Jekyll & Hyde seem a possibility rather than a fantasy.

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‘The total theatrical package’: THE STRANGE CASE OF JEKYLL & HYDE – Brockley Jack Studio Theatre & Touring ★★★★★

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Arrows & Traps’ track record adapting classics is second to none, and with this new production of The Strange Case of Jekyll & Hyde Ross McGregor has created something startlingly modern and original that still embraces its Victorian origins.

PREVIEW: Side by Side by Sondheim without Su Pollard

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Tonight Side by Side by Sondheim opens tonight at the Brockley Jack studio theatre, without Su Pollard. According to the email sent to reviewers five days ago, she would not be headlining the show due to ‘a sudden indisposition’. Whether that was an illness, or an indisposition to learn the words and music in time wasn’t explained: Brockley executive producer Karl Swinyard said the show’s production team hadn’t been any more forthcoming. Tickets were refunded for anyone who had planned a pilgrimage to Brockley specifically to see Pollard, and her place is taken by Sarah Redmond, who recently played the show in Singapore.