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‘Powerfully switches between the personal & the public’: FOR A PALESTINIAN – Camden People’s Theatre

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Identity is the sum of the stories we tell ourselves. Some of these are personal, and some political. Sometimes they blend, sometimes clash. In Aaron Kilercioglu and Bilal Hasna’s excellently staged and thought-provoking For a Palestinian, the performer and co-author Hasna tells two stories: one about himself and his new love for Palestine, and the other about the Palestinian activist and translator Wa’el Zuaiter, and his love affair with Australian-born painter Janet Venn-Brown. Her 2006 book, For a Palestinian, tells the story of Zuaiter and his assassination in Rome in 1972 by Mossad.

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‘Poetic, pragmatic & passionate’: 28 DAYS GREATER – Calm Down, Dear Festival – Camden People’s Theatre (Online review)

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Streaming until 28 July through Camden People’s Theatre, presented by Carolyn Defrin in collaboration with film-maker Rosie Powell, 28 Days Greater – total running time 46 minutes – comprises a sequence of 28 short films. Some are over in a blink or a whisper; some linger for longer.

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From online festivals to streaming platforms, here’s a digital theatre catch-up to lift your spirits

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Welcome to our first 2021 round-up of digital shows available for you to watch in the next few weeks.

From large-scale musicals to Zoom experiences, student showcases to the Bard, film and comedy, children’s theatre to audio pieces, storytelling to…

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‘Has the ability to transform its audiences’: OPHELIA REWOUND – Camden People’s Theatre

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Ophelia Rewound is an autobiographical, interactive, solo performance devised, performed and directed by Antigoni Spanou. Threading together the story of Ophelia, and Antigoni’s own experiences of depression and attempted suicide, this is a deeply personal and moving theatrical experience. Starting at the end, our first role as audience is to witness and feel. This is … Continue reading Ophelia Rewound at the Camden People’s Theatre