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Hasn’t everyone seen this play by now? Since opening at the National in 1992, it has had three West End runs and six major national tours, not to mention a Tony-winning trip to Broadway too. So yes, they probably have. But JB Priestley’s play remains a stalwart on English GCSE syllabus and so there’s always fresh eyes coming anew to the drama.


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After 17 years away, the grown-up daughter returns with the illegitimate child which got her thrown out. One of her brothers is having marital problems, whilst also being a doctor. Her other brother is autistic. Her mother is a basic, frustrated housewife and her father doesn’t understand anything but definitely has affairs. The grandchildren also don’t get on.

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Review: Thark (Park Theatre)

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Do yourself a favour if you’re thinking of going to Thark: don’t look it up on Wikipedia. The description of the plot runs to four convoluted paragraphs and won’t leave you any the wiser. What you need to know is it’s a 1920s farce of the kind that was the forerunner to all those ‘Whoops Vicar There […]

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Review: The Reluctant Debutante (Richmond Theatre)

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A social-climbing middle-class Home Counties couple launch their pretty but awkward daughter on the London marriage market and eventually steer her towards the ‘right’ public schoolboy with a title to inherit … … but enough about the Middletons. In The Reluctant Debutante, it’s 1957 and the pushy mother is Jane Asher in a series of […]

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