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ONLY BONES – Soho Theatre

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Short and sweet, classic and comical. Thomas Monckton performs a solo piece glued to his spot, centre stage beneath a low hanging lamp, which obscures his body from the shoulders up for at least half of the work. Only Bones is a classic example of body manipulation that playfully explores all the possibilities that a clown can find and make with only his body, one square metre of space, and one light.

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CIRCUS DIARIES at #edfringe: Elixir by Head First Acrobats

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Zombies, super-strength and test-tube potions are the order of the day in Elixir, from the Australian team of Head First Acrobats (HFA). Or, more correctly, the order of the night – the programming of this show into a 10pm slot is a great move to attract a new type of audience to the sort of universally entertaining circus-theatre show that (with the removal of a couple of choice expletives) could be equally accessible to a family crowd.

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Why doesn’t Shakespeare get more coverage at #edfringe?

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Whilst there’s plenty of Shakespeare at the fringe, it doesn’t get much coverage. It’s understandable – the Bard doesn’t count as a potential Next Big Thing, and he’s favoured by student and international groups that usually have short runs and are deemed less worthy of critical attention.

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CHAOS – Circus City Festival

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The Lords Of Strut have hit Bristol in all their lycra legginged, high-top and headband wearing glory, on a mission to change people’s lives through the power of dance. And through deep, body-rocking laughter. In Chaos, the two brothers Famous Seamus and Seantastic (Cormac Mohally and Cian Kinsella) have decided to share with us their life-coaching wisdom in a motivational seminar that, as promised, gives us Everything.