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VIDEOS & PHOTOS: Terri Paddock negotiates her way around her post-show Q&A with Winner’s Curse creatives Clive Anderson & Dan Patterson

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Winner’s Curse at the Park Theatre, conceived by former diplomat and veteran of countless Middle East negotiations Daniel Taub, is a highly topical piece. It not only lifts the lid on what happens behind closed doors during peace talks but also educates the audience on negotiation theory and allows us to put some of that theory into practice.

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‘It is in the scripting that proceedings stumble’: WINNER’S CURSE – Park Theatre

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The latest piece to grace the stage of the Park Theatre is a curious beast, and no mistake. Taking the form of a (fictional) lecture with illustrative acted examples, a healthy dose of audience focused exercises and with a generally high level of comic content, Winner’s Curse never quite makes up its mind what it wants to be or is trying to do.