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‘When family history & personal convictions become inextricably linked’: GUINEA PIGS – The Space (Online show) ★★★★★

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If you could meet your 15-year-old-self, what would you say? Would your point of view be any different from theirs? Or perhaps the only deviation would be time has honed your views with greater clarity and nuance? Written by Elin Doyle and directed by Laura Kirman, Guinea Pigs is about a teenager whose father is connected to the British nuclear testing programme – its aftermath having major physical and emotional repercussions.

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‘Has the makings of a very important piece of theatre’: GUINEA PIGS – The Space

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There’s a lot to appreciate in Guinea Pigs at The Space. The central inspiration is a topic that’s been deliberately covered up and will therefore be news to many audience members, and Elin Doyle’s script both asks challenging questions about the rights and wrongs of nuclear armament, and draws neat parallels between the UK’s political situation in the 1980s and in 2022 (in summary, not much has changed).