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It makes the world go round: Test out your morals with ‘part game, part theatrical experience’ Money Live

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I have become obsessed with where the money goes in The Money Live. When my neighbour Charlotte and I attended the “part game, part moral debate, part theatrical experience” earlier this week, the cash pot (initially £296, reaching nearly £400 as more ‘silent witness’ audience members paid a £20 upgrade to join the action) rolled over as no unanimous decision was agreed.

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‘A quirky addition to the ‘shows at home’ space’: MANIMALS (Online review)

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Michelle Hudson’s love life is the anchor on which this “NSFW” Zoom show and online app is tethered. Manimals is an interactive show/online game presented as a workshop launch for a new dating app. Michelle, a gaming designer, has mixed her professional and personal preoccupations here for immersive entertainment.

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‘An engrossing immersive experience’: FLICKER – Colab Tavern, London (review)

In Features, Native, Reviews by Justin Murray

COLAB have done it again with Flicker, an engrossing, sometimes unsettling, immersive experience that makes for an evening’s entertainment that feels appropriate for the time of year, and the times we find ourselves living in.  We the participants have, we are told, been summoned here to assist Reverend Parks (Ben Chamberlain) (and his wayward niece Florence) in performing an exorcism …