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‘Had me pinned to my seat with anxiety’: AT LAST – Lion & Unicorn Theatre ★★★★

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How deep are the internal divisions in British society post-Brexit, and is it possible that the anger erupting on the streets around Westminster every day could escalate to the point of civil war? That is the question underpinning James Lewis and Alexander Knott’s dystopian new play, At Last, which literally had me pinned to my seat with anxiety at times.

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‘Incredibly delicate & emotionally fuelled play’: LIKE YOU HATE ME – Lion & Unicorn Theatre ★★★★

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A 75-minute straight through performance is often an intense journey for both the actors and the audience. Like you Hate me is no exception to this. These two extremely talented and perfectly cast actresses Acushia-Tara Kupe and Aimee Kember have one of the most incredible rapports on stage that I have seen in a while.

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FEATURED SHOW: ★★★★ reviews are in for ‘unflinchingly beautiful’ Like You Hate Me

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“Like You Hate Me is the love affair we’ve all had and never quite got over,” says Plays to See (and occasional guest Mate) Emma Burnell. What have others been saying about the premiere of Tom Lodge’s two-hander? We’ve rounded up highlights from our favourite reviews and tweets. Time to get booking – must finish this Saturday!