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‘Can’t think of a better morality for Brexitmas 2018’: UNCLE VANYA – Hampstead Theatre ★★★★

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This Uncle Vanya at Hampstead Theatre one has to revolve around Vanya, and Alan Cox is suitably winning in Vanya’s dismayed, demoralised self-aware failure to count in life, and his hopeless mooning admiration of the lovely Yelena, who has married his awful old brother-in-law the Professor.

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‘This fascinating, timely play is steeped in bitter experience’: AN HONOURABLE MAN – White Bear Theatre ★★★★

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Michael McManus – writer, formerly of the Press Complaints Commission and IPSO, has been a special adviser in three government departments over decades and made valiant attempts at getting selected himself. He knows the mould, and how mouldy it can get. So this fascinating, timely play, An Honourable Man, is steeped in bitter experience.