FROM DOWN UNDER: Lord of the Dance Dangerous Games – Review

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The original spirituality, raw talent and Irish charm of Riverdance are all but lost in this flashy, simplistic, clichéd presentation.

Having broken away from original phenomenon Riverdance, Michael Flatley has enjoyed enormous success around the world over the past nineteen years. He recently announced that the coming Broadway leg of the Lord of the Dance: Dangerous Games world tour would see his stage retirement. Flatley has not actually come to Australia with the tour, which continues simultaneously in Europe, but his distinctive stamp is all over this production, given that he serves as creator, producer, director and choreographer.


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A terrific cast, strong production values and lashings of real heart set Mother, Wife and the Complicated Life apart from similar “girls night out” revuesicals.

Completing the rarely achieved task of writing the book, music and lyrics, Amity Dry displays keen insight and strong empathy for a range of characters at differing points of motherhood. Wisely keeping the action light on book scenes and heavy on songs, Dry provides just enough text to link the four characters in a story arc, providing a connection and context for the scenarios rather than just a set of scenes and songs.

MATILDA – Sydney, Australia

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Music theatre lovers rejoice! The sea of revivals has parted to deliver a bona fide world hit, and the Australian production is a dream come true.

Wickedly subversive, endlessly inventive and as funny as it is moving, Matilda is sheer joy for adults and children, boys and girls alike. Dennis Kelly’s book deftly sidesteps the inherent risk of saccharine sentimentality in children’s stories with elements of horror and fantasy on par with the qualities have ensured ongoing affection for films such as The Wizard of Oz and Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.