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New post-show Q&A: Join Terri Paddock for tense & absorbing drama The End of the Night at the Park Theatre

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What role does theatre play in exploring historical and political themes? Mates founder Terri Paddock will explore that very question with an expert panel following a performance at the Park Theatre of The End of the Night, the new World War II-set drama based on a true story.

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‘Unapologetically both theatrical drama & a tense piece of work adapted for the screen’: THE SYSTEM (Online review)

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Paul is dead, killed at his own party. Everyone is a suspect, and most of them had a motive. Written and performed by Emily Head, directed by Guy Unsworth, The System is filmed live in one take. We meet each suspect to see how they react under interrogation, and see if the mystery can be solved.

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‘At the darkest moments I have to believe there is a future for our industry’: Why the arts are viable

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At the darkest moments I have to believe there is a future for our industry. I have to believe we will defy our government and prove to be viable. I absolutely believe the way that this will happen is through the invention and enterprising energy of creative producers making stuff happen.