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‘Full of atmosphere, foreboding and storytelling’: WICKIES – Park Theatre

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It’s misty and cold in the Park Theatre’s main auditorium. An oppressive half-light frames the stage where the tale of the lost lighthouse keepers (the ‘wickies’) of Eilean Mor will soon unfold. Based on a real mystery from 1900, Paul Morrissey’s play Wickies is full of atmosphere, foreboding and storytelling.

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‘IF ghosts exist, what are they?’: Video & photos from Terri Paddock’s When Darkness Falls Q&A at the Park Theatre

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Five spine-tingling ghost stories are woven into the action on one stormy night in When Darkness Falls, premiering this month at the Park Theatre. All are grounded in folklore from the island of Guernsey, where the play is set and where its co-writer and director Paul Morrissey grew up.