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‘Intelligent & thought-provoking’: ANGRY ALAN – Soho Theatre

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Angry Alan might appear at first glance to be a comedy (albeit a pretty dark one), and there are plenty of laughs to be had at the expense of both Roger and his new friends in the men’s right movement. But ironically, what this intelligent and thought-provoking play teaches us above all is that such toxic and damaging views are anything but funny.

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The heroic Noma Dumezweni + 7 quotes on women who take on the world

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After Anna Francolini on Monday and the Judy Garlands yesterday, I’m going for a hat trick of blogs about amazing women today so that I can tell you this: if you haven’t yet seen Linda at the Royal Court yet, get your skates on. If only for the pleasure of seeing the wonder that is Noma Dumezweni in action.

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LINDA – Royal Court

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Revolving sleek as a spaceship is Es Devlin’s multi-layered set: the office and neon slogans of Swan cosmetics: bottles and jars, seductive smartness and ethical boasts of “changing the world one girl at a time”. Making a sly point, the white futuristic plasticity also contains the heroine’s home, where her husband Neil grunts unresponsively at the kitchen table to her teenage daughter. At fifty-five, Linda has risen to “have it all”, and it’s all-of-a-shiny-piece. Much good will it do her. Penelope Skinner’s artful new play, alternately hilarious and alarming, makes sharp feminist points but dryly suggests that while 2015’s women and girls do have a lot to contend with, some of the shitstorm is (if not totally our fault) encouraged by the ways we tackle it.