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Will we see more alternating casts in the future?: Terri Paddock is in the chair for a Lately Q&A at the Lion & Unicorn Theatre

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Lately is the third new play premiered by and specially created for new writing company Proforca Theatre to be performed at London’s Lion & Unicorn Theatre. Terri Paddock hosts a Q&A.

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Terri Paddock is set to find out all you want to know about Proforca Theatre’s next production Lately

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After fascinating discussions around Feel and At Last, Terri Paddock is back with Proforca Theatre company to discuss Lately, a third new play by James Lewis as well as exciting future plans for Proforca’s London home at the Lion & Unicorn Theatre.

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‘Had me pinned to my seat with anxiety’: AT LAST – Lion & Unicorn Theatre ★★★★

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How deep are the internal divisions in British society post-Brexit, and is it possible that the anger erupting on the streets around Westminster every day could escalate to the point of civil war? That is the question underpinning James Lewis and Alexander Knott’s dystopian new play, At Last, which literally had me pinned to my seat with anxiety at times.