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‘I especially liked the slapstick-style comedy’: RAPUNZEL – Watermill Theatre, Newbury ★★★★

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There’s nothing quite like reviewing a festive family production when the auditorium is full of excitement from the four busloads of primary school children sitting ready and waiting the wonders that are about to come alive on the stage. At 10.30am, spirits were running high for Rapunzel at the Watermill Theatre, Newbury.

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‘Maintains a high standard of celebratory storytelling’: RAPUNZEL – Chickenshed Theatre (Online review)

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Prompted by the recent retirement of their artistic director – the visionary Lou Stein – I decided to opt for Chickenshed’s latest to video release Rapunzel which turned out to be one of the first shows that Lou wrote and directed at the venue himself and thus the release of the production neatly bookends his time there.