SOMEONE WHO’LL WATCH OVER ME – Chichester Festival Theatre

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This harrowing story written by Frank McGuinness tells the tale of three men taken hostage in the Lebanon. Someone Who’ll Watch Over Me first premiered in 1992 and took the theatre world by storm. Inspired by the hostage situations in the late 1980’s particularly those of Brian Keenan and John McCarthy the captives in the story are all invented by McGuinness. Michael Attenborough expertly directs this strong, often hard to watch, powerful play. Set in a cell in Beirut it tells of how these hostages get through this ordeal. Designed by Robert Jones the set is extremely creative giving you the claustrophobic feeling although sat in the open space of the auditorium. A single square with thin mats to sleep on, chained by their feet. Overhead we see pipes all seemingly filthy dirty and just a Koran and Bible to keep them company with no external contact to the outside world.