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A celebration and study of theatre fans

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I spoke about Rent fans, and how they were a trailblazing ‘fandom’ for the newer models of fandom we see in theatre today (Subtitle: sorry Hamilton you didn’t invent it) but also about the original Rentheads who grew up and grew with ‘their’ show and how they personally continue to be fans despite having ‘outgrown’ that phase in their lives.

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“Wales? I thought that was a town in England”… Raise your hand if you’re from Wales and an American has said that to you…
One of Chris Harris’ spot on observations about being Welsh, and the world and Welsh in the world in Golf Course War Machine. The play follows Pippa, a 24-year-old from Tredegar staging a one woman protest on a roundabout in Newport.

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CITY OF THE UNEXPECTED – Cardiff (A Choir-eye-view)

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As a member of Sororitas choir, based in Cardiff, I along with many other choirs across the city and beyond were invited to take part in a ‘Mass Choir’ as part of the City of the Unexpected. So after learning the songs (two newly written pieces and some medleys) and one slightly mad rehearsal with everyone, we were being set loosen the city of Cardiff along with the other performers.

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Oh and for anyone wondering what exactly a groundhog is, it’s like a large Marmot, a relation of the squirrel. Also known as a Woodchuck. Now we’re all up to speed on our small mammals and folklore…in the film Phil begrudgingly reports on the Groundhog happenings, only to find himself stuck waking up on Groundhog Day seemingly forever.

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‘ALLO ‘ALLO – Cardiff

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Staging classic sitcom ‘Allo ‘Allo on stage has elements of both blessing and curse for any actors. On the plus side, you know the material is already a hit, on the negative, it’s already been a hit on television and that can be a tough act to follow. The cast rise to that challenge admirably, and the audience respond warmly to familiar characters and catchphrases while the cast breathes new life into familiar characters.