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‘You have to admire Jameson’s chutzpah’: TEN DAYS – The Space (Online show)

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Taking as his central text American journalist John Reed’s seminal book Ten Days That Shook The World, Matthew Jameson’s “labour of love” project Ten Days (it has taken a mere 10 years or so to get this work finished) provides a convoluted history lesson which sets out the main events in some detail and introduces a whole gallery of historical figures who played their part in the process.

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‘An intriguing life’: THE WOMAN WHO AMUSES HERSELF – Brockley Jack Studio Theatre ★★★★

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Victor Lotado’s story The Woman Who Amuses Herself is based on true events which took place back in 1911 when Vincenzo Peruggia stole the famous painting Mona Lisa from the Louvre in Paris. Posing as a workman and dressed accordingly the theft in his opinion was effortlessly carried out.