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Wertenbaker’s play is set on the Winter Hill of the near future, as opposed to the not-so-near past, where a chunk of the land has been sold to developers who are constructing a luxury skyscraper hotel there, set to completely alter the way that the hill dominates the landscape and the town of Bolton below it.

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Spare me 58 repetitions of a single word in an hour

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There is no such thing as “bad” language. Words – all words – are meant to be used. That is why they have evolved. But there is definitely such a thing as weak, repetitive, lazy language, and I hear far too much of it in the theatre. Take drama school graduate showcases, for example, which I often have to review. …

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My Edinburgh Diary: From Love Birds to solo shows, politics, circus, stand-up and more

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Food poisoning, the infamous “festival flu” or some other strain of (literally) gut-wrenching misery? Whatever it was, I became quite violently ill on the train journey home from Edinburgh yesterday. When we arrived at King’s Cross station in London, my partner Peter had to half-carry me into a taxi to take me home, where I […]